Celebrating the Warm Weather!!

Happy Sunday!!!
It is BEAUUUUTIFULLLL weather here in Denver this weekend! Seriously it’s been in the 80s this weekend!!

To celebrate this beautiful weather we had a park day!!!

We spent the day sitting in the sun, BBQ-ing on my party grill, and playing various games! Once we had enough sun, we went over to my friend Ted’s to watch the NCAA Final Four!!! OMG OMG OMG… I was FAREAKING OUT…. KU… you get me every time… this tournament has been such a roller coaster with them battling out to win at the last possible minute! But they won and tomorrow night KU plays Kentucky in the final!!!!! This was as I predicted in all of my brackets…. so I am excited that FINALLY my bracket is correct again!!!

Post-game we segued into beer pong and eventually had our first fire of the spring!!! Yay smores…. I have missed these nights!!!

It was a great way to start the spring! Today I went for a solo hike at the Bluffs, my favorite spot from this summer!!! And then grocery shopping and a much needed nap!

Best news of the day? I found out I don’t have to report for jury duty tomorrow like I thought!!!!!! yay!!!!!

Later today I am going to have Pinkberry with MUNCHKIN Zach (missed seeing his face around here? I know  I have!) and his mom who are in town this weekend visiting from Chicago!!!!!

Have you ever had jury duty?

What have you done to celebrate the beautiful weather?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



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