You win… You always do

Today’s theme is brought to you by Will Ferrell… and my obsession of him… your welcome

Kentucky…. you win… as this season you almost always did….

I will concede victory on this one… the Jay Hawks put up a good fight unfortunately their comeback was too little too late, and Kentucky won.. because lets face it those players are exceptional… especially A Davis… with the wicked unibrow… Yes, I watched the game… yelled at the TV a little bit, maybe shed a tear (not really but I wanted too), and watched a great great game…and then today I watched the news (aka Sports Center) and watched Lexington, Kentucky become the latest edition of Fans Get Wild… and riot and injure people with fires and gun shots….

You win alcohol, adrenaline and National Championship glory… you always do

or you cause wicked embarrassment for your school on national TV… ya know… you choose

Back to wet, slushy, and COLD DenCo….. remember two days ago when I bragged about the beautiful, warm, 80 degree weather we were having? Well apparently Mother Nature decided to pull an April Fool’s joke of her own

You win Mother Nature, you always do

Source: via Christine on Pinterest

So as many of you know I ran a Marathon 2 weeks ago… yea that happened… at least thats what the ‘Nam flashbacks tell me hahaha… jk… it was awesome ( if you can’t tell I am full of sassafras today)

Again… Marathon… you win… you always do

Since my marathon guess how many times I have ran? Any takers? Guesses, bets, thoughts?

Yes that would be a big fat ZERO

Right now I am being nice to my legs… they don’t want to run… running hurts right now… and I may have PTSD… not quite sure yet. (I kid)

So instead I am spinning like a mad woman 2-3 times a week, ellipticalling like a boss and doing weight circuits…. because finally I can! I have been in training mode for over a year now, first for my first two half-marathons, and then my marathon. There has been a few small breaks but basically I have been running on a schedule for a long time! Now I want to be untethered and free to do whatever work out I want for a bit… which means only running when I feel like it… which lately I just haven’t gotten there yet! Maybe I’ll take up ribbon dancing… I think I would excel at it….

Also I’m currently obsessed with Call Me Maybe…. I listen to it several times a day
You win catchy tune and lyrics… you always do

Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest

Now off to work on my master’s project

you win masters project…. you always do

What do you do post training?


Peace Love and be Sperry!


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