Happpy Friday everybody!!!!

So the other day I talked about how I am not running.. that is still true hahah still not running… maybe next week… maybe. Anyways I have been taking advantage of my training plan-less future to incorporate some circuit workouts into my weekly rotation!! On Wednesday I was looking through Julie’s Circuit Workout page and decided to mash-up her Jumping Jack circuit with Courtney’s 7 Moves For Shredded Shoulders work out! After all I do love a good mash up!

This workout was intense! It was a great compilation of ploy and weights! After I completed the work out I did a few ab workouts to really push my core!! I did this workout again today before class!

This is a great, quick work out that can really gets the heart rate pumping!!!

In other news it’s Good Friday!!! So I am fasting today… fail I can tell I am starting to get a bit testy because I haven’t eaten (other than chocolate milk right after my work out… but it was early dawn ish so I’m saying I’m good hahaha! Tonight for dinner I am hoping to get sushi with my little Bridget who is in town with her family for Easter weekend yay!!

What are you Easter Weekend Plans?!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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