Funny Friday

Oh hello again!

My friend stood me up for a Skype date (jk love you) sooo I decided to write another Friday post… something that I may make regular… lets see how this goes!

Anyways here are some funnies to make your Friday even better!

This reminds me of Freshman year… my friend Dean and I would quote Talladega Nights obsessively… and he actually called me Shake n Bake… awesome

Am I right Liz?! #funfluential

I would be lying ifI said this wasn’t my go to emo quote


True story my friend Kendall and I used to rock to this in my Bug in high school… yea I’m cool… and gangsta…

guess which one I would be?

I’m pretty sure every girl in my sorority would love this one….
And finally

Have a good Friday err body!
Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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