Easter Recap

Yes I know.. EAster was like a year ago.. sorry its been kind of a disaster around here….. but my masters project is basically done HALLELUIAH …. and so I can have ya know more of  a life/not living on campus working on it like I was last week and yesterday!

Anywayssss my friend/little sister Bridget was in town with her family for easter weekend and lucky me I got to have two meals with her!!! I haven’t seen her since last year and it was so nice to have so much bonding time!!

On friday night we went to my favorite sushi place in Denver, Hapa Sushi… since we couldn’t eat meat on Good Friday and after fasting all day I just really wanted sushi! I started with Sauvignon Blanc, and Bridget got a G-Spot cocktail

For sushi we got salmon rolls, california rolls, and this delicious crab roll with tempura in it… i usually don’t eat tempura but it was amazing

I also forgot to take a pic until we had devoured most of it… ooops!

AFter dinner we went to yogurt land… YUM because I decided Good Friday meant I could have it… yea its a stretch I KNOW

Bridget got a monster cup with topped with the most peanut butter sauce I have ever seen… she’s some what of a pb/froyo connoisseur if you will… however my computer hates me and won’t import the photo sooooooo c’est la vie

The next morning we went to my favorite brunch place Snooze which is basically where I take any one and everyone who visits me… and sometimes  drag my friends here too…. its really the best.. come visit me and ill take you!

I started out with my favorite mimosa there- the Hi-C which is sparkling wine, pomegranate liquor, grape fruit juice and something else I forget!

For our meal, I got my usual which is the Snooze Spuds deluxe… basically a huge pile of their famous hash browns with cheddar and jack cheeses and I got spinach and chicken sausage in it as well!

Bridget got an omelette and a peanut butter chocolate pancake…. this pancake is TDF… seriously it was melted chocolate and peanut butter cream on top… yum times a million

Afetr brunch, I went on my merry way to consulting, getting my extensions out, a drink with Liza and her BF Greg and his friends outside on the Tavern roof deck for his bday before meeting Collen, Twink, their friends Lauren, Erin, Erin’s husband and sister, and Lana for the AVs game! This was my first Avalanche game and it was fun. They played the nashville predators and Nashvile won! (if you know me super well you know that this is highly ironic)

On Easter Sunday I went to Boulder to pick Kev up so we could go to family brunch at my dad’s cousins house!! Again   was to caught up in conversation to take pictures but it was great!!!

On Sunday night, I met Con and his mom Renee who was in town for dinner at my have place the Cherry Creek Grill!

Renee and I both bot the grilled salmon (YUM) with asparagus, and Con got the rotisserie chicken. This salmon really is the best it is perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper and melts in your mouth… I could probably eat it every day…

yea… we are super normal I am aware hahaha…. 20 years of friendship and counting bud…

Afterwards we went to little man ice cream in the highlands… OMG if you live in Denevr please take yourself there…. it is SO good! I had the salted caramel pretzel.. the pretzel bits in it were meh because they were soggy but the overall flavor was incredible!!! I literally had to roll myself to my car after this meal ahhaha

MMMMkkkk time to go to ze gym… but man does it feel good to post again!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!!



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