Catching Up

Lots and lots of recaps as the last two weekends have been filled with much activity!

First I will catch you up on Last weekend before filling in on Nashville!

Last weekend my friends Erica, Cara and Cara’s bf Michael all came to Denver!!!!
Pretty much this was another weekend of eating/drinking our way through Colorado, marred only by the AASP Southwestern Student conference that I was presenting at/on the planning committee for. Yea never a great idea to combine guests, conferences, and school work…. it was a ton of fun but also a super stress-y me!

On Thursday I picked Er-bear up and we went straight to my fave place.. the Cherry Creek Grill! I know you guys have seen his restaurant get posted about pretty much 8 million times so I will spare you the play by play as I got my usual Macho Salad, we split the cornbread, each had a yummy Malbec, and Erica got the seasonal vegetable plate!

Because she is such a wonderful friend and knows me so well.. she surprised me with a Magnolia Red Velvet cupcake! I am a spoiled, spoiled girl!
On  Friday after my class, we went bike riding around Cherry Creek and Downtown Denver, to give Erica a feel for the city and throw in some exercise!!! We made a pit stop at Illegal Petes for burritos… ps if you live in Denver this place has surpassed Chipotle in my eyes… so darn good! I got a chicken fajita burrito smothered in green chili as if you smother your burrito this month a dollar gets donated to Autism!

we biked back to Cherry Creek for some Bonnie Brae Home Made Ice Cream!!! Erica got the Oatmeal Cookie, and I had the Mint Chocolate Chip!

Friday night was the beginning of the conference, and I was in charge of the social that night! We had it at a local bar Jordan’s where I had a surprisingly delicious chopped chicken salad!

Saturday was spent at the conference all day, getting a ZPizza delivery for dinner, and then going over to Ted’s with Liza and Erica! It was a chill night as we were all pretty exhausted by the conference!

Sunday morning was spent of course at my favorite Snooze with Erica, Twink and Collen, and Ben, a prospective DU student! I branched out and got the lump crab eggs benedict on a corn bread cake… OMG.. new favorite meal… omg

We also got a free pancake for waitings o long… it was their sweet potato pancake and is probably my favorite pancake ever… I would like it everyday… thanks

Erica and I then spent the afternoon shopping, and trying  out Phat Thai.. a Thai restaurant by the mall I have been meaning to try for ages! We split edamame and pineapple fried rice…. sooo good! The restaurant was a little pricey but definitely worth it!

Monday Morning we finally saw Cara and Michael again, we met them in Boulder for a hike around Chatauqua Park, lunch at the Walnut Brewery (tried a Buffalo burger… YUM), and exploring Pearl Street!

On Wednesday, I was able to see Cara and Michael before their flight back to Boston by joining them at an English Pub on Colfax for lunch and to watch the Chelsea-Barca game!!! Yay for college friends… perfect prep for my weekend in Nashville with some high school friends!!


Peace, Love and be Sperry!


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