Weekend in Nashville!

Howdy! After this post I will be all caught up and actually start doing real posts again.. maybe I will even start cooking again and post REAL recipes… hmm lets not get too ahead of ourselves shall we?

Also exciting news…. MASTERS PROJECT HAS BEEN SUBMITTED!!! In the words of Sheldon Cooper

Anywho this weekend I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with several new and old favorite people in NASHVILLE! Why Nashville you ask? Well my friend Whitt lives in Nashville so I went to visit him as well as my friend Dave from HS and my friend Kristen who I have known since I was 6! My friends Bryan and Marvin from HS came too, as well as two of Whitt and Bryan’s friends from college Jack and Marni (who is my new bffl)! Needless to say it was super fun, kind of a disaster, and the best weekend!

Foodie highlights included Local Taco in West Nashville (OMG.. coolest/best tacos ever) brunch at Fido’s, and of course the Surf and Turf Whitt and I made on thursday night… that was super delicious.. pan seared scallops, steak, asparagus, tomatoes, and yummy rosemary garlic bread!

Instead of highlighting each moment/activity I am just going to share pictures… fun facts tho…experienced a paint party/rave minus the paint as we were too late (hence the neon), went to a frat house for the first time since college, went to the prettiest park ever, and ran around getting people to kiss a toy armadillo… if that doesn’t say win… I don’t know what does

It was a fantastic weekend… a little obsessed with Nashville.. its so pretty and green and southern and awesome! However its like 90 here today and sunshiny so DENCO isn’t too bad of a place to be either!!!

now off to get ma sweat on… I have been lazy over my vacay….


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



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