Tangential Thursday

Holla Holla Back yo

So I am feeling all over the place today.. maybe its because I forced my brain to function earlier than it wanted to today, or because I have energy and the will to be alive again (overdramatic much) post masters project submission, or because the weekend starts tomorrow? Who knows anyways I am going to fill you with tangents today!

1. I am baking again… I haven’t baked in like over a month… actually probably longer than that.. maybe two months… in fact since like February… thats ridiculous.. but I have been so busy/stressed/not feeling myself/traveling/visitors the list goes on but I am back… I am me again and I WANT/NEED to bake…. too bad I can’t decide what to make… any suggestions?!

2. I booked my trip for memorial day weekend!!! Yay! I am traveling so much more this year than last year… Since Feb I have been to Houston, NOLA, Delaware, DC, Vegas, and Nashville! In May I will be going to California for my brother Billy’s graduation from college (ahhh I feel so old!) and the next weekend which is Memorial Day Weekend I will be joining Whitt at his family’s lake house in Tennessee!!! Meaning I get to relax on a BOAT (we all know how much this excites me) and ya know hangout with Whitt! The only downside that I just realized typing this post up is that I will be gone two weekends in a row during my last few weeks of school… which is sad however the next weekend is Beer Olympics which I am pretty sure makes up for missing two weekends!

3. This video about being 24 pretty much sums up my life… and made me laugh hysterically.. thank you Alyssa for bringing this into my life

I'm 24 – watch more funny videos

4. The NFL Draft starts today… which is awesome… and I will probably watch it if I can get out of class early enough… I know I am too school for cool 😉

5. I have senioritis… super bad… yesterday I stayed in my bed until like 1:30… granted I was being productive from my bed.. however really… I need to actually stop being such a bum…

6. I really want to see the 5 year engagement soooo if you wanna be my bff and go with me this weekend I would love you forever ahhaha

7. I have recently started doing Zumba with Collen…. it is hilarious…. and obviously we are fantastic at it…..Next Saturday akak Cinco de Mayo… we are doing a 2 hour rumba party…. there will be drinks served… I will be video taping as I can only imagine the fantasticalness that will occur… because I am a really good dancer.

8. I am totally obsessed with Big Bang Theory… its the best show ever… other than ya know Once Upon a Time, Revenge, Grey’s, and Gossip Girl… but ya know who’s counting

9. I have found the secret ingredient to make any and all salads fantastic…. Goat Cheese… seriously.. it’s a game changer.. totally into it.. also I know I am really late to this party… its fine

10. OBSESSED with this commercial… I love the Cubs… and despise the white sox…but overall I really don’t care about Baseball… but games are relatively fun to  go to

ok off to be productive…ish


Peace, Love, and be Sperry


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