Memorial Day Weekend

Hello Hello!!

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend!! I know I did it!!! We spent the weekend at Whitt’s parents lake house on Lake Kentucky in Paris, Tennessee!

We drove up Saturday morning as I got in to Nashville late on Friday night!

The weekend was full of everything that makes a good Memorial Day weekend! We had tons of food, from 7 layer dip made by Whitt’s Aunt Christie, his cousin’s awesome homemade cheese dip, grilled dogs and burgers on Whitt’s dad’s infrared grill, and lots of pie! There was also a lot of beer.. and mixed drinks from Whitt’s cousin Brad who is a excellent cocktail creator, however I stuck to the brewskis!

Aside from the food and drink, was all the fun lake stuff! As someone who has always been a water baby, I was really excited to get on their boat and try new fun activities such as water skiing, tubing and jet skiing! It took about 8-10 tries but  I made it up eventually! I am now extremely sore from all of my activities… who would of thought a weekend without traditional workouts would be so physically exhausting?

Saturday night, we had a crazy game of Pictionary, it turns out I am quite good at guessing drawings… I owe it all to DrawSomething… if you haven’t downloaded this game… do it.. its so fun!!!

Yesterday, we stayed at the lake until just after 3, after a day spent with in ally getting up on water skis, an hour swimming in the lake with Whitt, and learning how to drive the boat! We hung out at Whitt’s apartment for a bit in order to relax/shower etc before going to Jack’s BBQ in downtown Nashville for dinner! I had the Texas Beef Brisket with a cucumber and tomato salad, green beans, and a side of corn bread! The veggies were ok, the Brisket was GREAT, and the corn bread was a little stale.

After dinner we went and got ice cream! I figured I had done enough this weekend to warrant some ice cream, and also kinda dropped the clean eating ball this weekend soooo there was nothing to lose! And I do not regret my choice! This ice-cream was fantastic! I got peanut butter cup, chocolate pb ice-cream with swirls of peanut butter and mini pb cups! It reminded me of my favorite ice cream place in the hamptons who had a frozen yogurt version of the same thing!! We ate it while looking out at the river that separates downtown and the Titans stadium! quite a beautiful setting!

We then went back to Whitt’s to watch Iron Man 2! I flew back this morning and am now getting my life back together after being gone all weekend! I have finished all my course work and now just have two more classes and then I am done!!! Graduation next Friday!! wooo!!!!

What did you do this weekend?!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


Graduation Part 1!

Omg HIIIII… long time not chat! Life over here as been crazier than normal these past couple of weeks as I have 2 papers and 2 presentations due in the next two days, and had an exam Monday but after that I am DONE! well technically we have class next thursday and friday but they will be more of he kumbaya lets say bye bye and process the END of our masters degree!!! WOO HOOO I cannot wait to be done with school and become a real human being! Speaking of being done with school… my brother Billy graduated from Chapman University this weekend!!! I am so proud of him!! Isn’t he the cutest?! I got into Orange County late last Thursday night to start festivities! PMul and I then got up early Friday in order to hit up Bloomies to shop for my grad dress.. that I ended up getting at Vineyard Vines and it is the cutest ever.. and a dress for her! She got the prettiest Lilly P dress and now she is hooked… it’s only taken how many years of my obsession to rub off on her?! After the shopping we hit the pool for a few hours before Bill’s awards ceremony! His senior thesis film was nominated for four awards including best director and best picture!!!! His first red carpet!! He was not happy about me and my mom being paparazzi but what can ya do? Sadly he didn’t win but it is still a huge accomplishment and his film was amazing! On Saturday we went for a late lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp, his choice! I haven’t been there in awhile and forgot how good it was! I got grilled salmon with veggies and rice! Everyone else’s food looked pretty great too! After lunch, my dad wanted Ice Cream so we headed over to golden spoon for fro-yo before going to Chapman! while we were eating fro-yo outside there was a little kid in the barbershop next door screaming bloody murder.. it was sad… but also a little but funny Finally we got to Chapman where Bill’s grad was being held on their football field!!!

yes.. that is a segway cop

After Grad, we all went over to B’s best friend Lexi’s grad party that was held at her bosses house. Omg this was the cutest party ever, and I basically anted to put it on interest but sadly my pictures aren’t interest quality :(. They had a wine tasting with homemade pretzel rolls and fondue as well as the cutest tarts! Afterwards we dropped Bill at another friends house and went back to the hotel! It was a short, but great weekend and I am so excited for my little Bro!!!!

Now I have another exciting weekend ahead of me in Tennessee!! Yay!

Wish me luck on my presentations and papers.. goodness knows I am not the greatest public speaker! xxoo

Peace, Love, and be Sperry! 


Happy Mothers Day everyone!

I would especially like to say Mother’s day to my mom. My mom who selflessly deals with all of my ridiculousness, and has done so for years. Who listens to me vent, rave, cry, babble joyfully etc on the phone for hours on end. She shares me and my brothers joy, pain, and all emotions in between, all while juggling her own life and my dad! She joined me for the first 12 miles of my first marathon, and despite the heat and her own exhaustion and PINKEYE, rode a bike to find me at mile 21, and stuck with me for those 4.2 remaining excruciating miles. She has supported every decision I have made forom where I wanted to go to college and grad school and now to my move to Nashville. Not to mention the handful of kindergartners she tends to every day! So thank you mom for being the best mom ever and being my rock and my best friend. (dad you are pretty awesome too but your day is coming soon). Hope you are having fun soaking up the California rays!!!

I hope every other mother out there has a great day!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


It’s game day folks…. the day me and my classmates have been prepping for all year… DEFENSE DAY… where we will be explaining/defending all our hard work….

LET’S DO IT… #herewego #wishmeluck

Got my game face on and I’m ready to go ahhaha

See ya on the flip side


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Changes are a-coming!

Yup as of June 18th, 2012 I will no longer be a Colorado Resident! I will instead be moving down south to Nashville!!! This has been a long thought out process and I will definitely miss everyone here because I LOVE Colorado, however it is time to move-on post grad and I am very excited about this new chapter in my life!!!!!!

More details to  come as they unravel!

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO!!!! you know I wil be celebrating with a vengeance… after I recover from the Lakers-Nuggets game last night ahaha


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

May by the Numbers

today is the first day of May! this means that numbers are quite poignant at the moment… as my time in grad school is dwindling!

One more month of school!!!!

Four days until Cinco de Mayo!!!

Seven days until my Thesis Defense!

Nineteen Days until my brother graduates from college!

Twenty-four days until Memorial Day Weekend.. and fun lake festivities!!!

yes I will be playing/singing this on repeat… your welcome in advanced McWhitt

We all know how much I love boats!

Thirty-two days until BEER OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!

hopefully it will be as fun as last year!!

Thirty-eight days until Graduation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know.. one why have I counted all these events out… one because I am bored right now… and two so I know exactly how long I have left!

More fun numbers for May?

A goal of five small meals a day, every day!

Trying for zero processed foods most days of the week!

At least one day  a week where I can work out twice a day! Like today- did 45 minutes of a hill work out on the elliptical, and after I consult I am going to start mad muscle may!!!!

Ok now to go read outside at starbucks as it is nice out!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

What I have been doing with my life lately

There it is…. my Masters Project poster…. it basically summarizes my project/life up to this point hahaha! I figured I have mentioned it so often that I might as well share it with you…

What is all of this you ask? Well it is a study that focuses on the coping mechanisms used in injury rehabilitation and how certain coping skills effect adherence, mood, and stress! Findings? Maladaptive coping skills ( behavioral disengagement, substance use, denial, and self-blame )got used the most at the beginning and no surprise maladaptive coping mechanisms lead to higher stress and worse mood! And less adherence to the rehabilitation program. At the end of rehabilitation problem focused coping (making a plan, being proactive) was used more! What does all of this mean? Well it means that at the beginning of rehabilitation there is a lot of stress as you are unable to be at the same physical activity level, make certain life changes etc. However being able to work through this initial stress of injury with adaptive emotion focused coping ( emotional support, self-distraction, venting, humor, and religion) and problem focused coping will allow you to deal with stress and have a batter mood state! You are also more likely to adhere to your rehab!

I hope you all have found this little tutorial interesting… feel free to follow up with any questions… I need to practice talking about it before my defense!!! If you are interested in injury and rehab as well as the psych stuff behind it I have a myriad of sources that I can share with you!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

April Foodie Pen Pals!

Omg it is the last day of April… meaning I graduate in 5 weeks… awesome…

It also means that its Foodie Pen Pals reveal time!!!!!

foodiepal stamp2 April Foodie Penpals Reveal Day

The wonderful Lindsay puts this on each month and it is a wonderful way to get involved in the blog community by meeting new bloggers and sending them your favorite goodies!!! I have been spoiled in my months as a foodie pen pal and that continued this month!!!!

This month my pen pal was Danielle for Healthy Kitschy Vegan!

I was quite excited for this package that was full of goodies I had never tried before!

Favorite part? The Ginger!!! This is the best after meal snack because it was sweet and a bit spicy and helps with digestion! Best of all worlds right?

There was also a lemon lara bar… but I was hungry and ate it before I thought to take a picture!! How did she know I adore everything lemon?!

I haven’t used the hemp powder yet but I can’t wait to try it! And I love the chick peas and the Berris to Go drink!!!

Thank’s Danielle for a great package!!!!

You should definitely join FPP!!! And the giving is as much fun as the getting!! I loved putting together Carissa’s package this month!! Check it out at Fit2Flex!
Have a good Monday night- Im off to ZUMBA!!!!
Peace, Love and be Sperry!