May by the Numbers

today is the first day of May! this means that numbers are quite poignant at the moment… as my time in grad school is dwindling!

One more month of school!!!!

Four days until Cinco de Mayo!!!

Seven days until my Thesis Defense!

Nineteen Days until my brother graduates from college!

Twenty-four days until Memorial Day Weekend.. and fun lake festivities!!!

yes I will be playing/singing this on repeat… your welcome in advanced McWhitt

We all know how much I love boats!

Thirty-two days until BEER OLYMPICS!!!!!!!!!

hopefully it will be as fun as last year!!

Thirty-eight days until Graduation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know.. one why have I counted all these events out… one because I am bored right now… and two so I know exactly how long I have left!

More fun numbers for May?

A goal of five small meals a day, every day!

Trying for zero processed foods most days of the week!

At least one day  a week where I can work out twice a day! Like today- did 45 minutes of a hill work out on the elliptical, and after I consult I am going to start mad muscle may!!!!

Ok now to go read outside at starbucks as it is nice out!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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