What I have been doing with my life lately

There it is…. my Masters Project poster…. it basically summarizes my project/life up to this point hahaha! I figured I have mentioned it so often that I might as well share it with you…

What is all of this you ask? Well it is a study that focuses on the coping mechanisms used in injury rehabilitation and how certain coping skills effect adherence, mood, and stress! Findings? Maladaptive coping skills ( behavioral disengagement, substance use, denial, and self-blame )got used the most at the beginning and no surprise maladaptive coping mechanisms lead to higher stress and worse mood! And less adherence to the rehabilitation program. At the end of rehabilitation problem focused coping (making a plan, being proactive) was used more! What does all of this mean? Well it means that at the beginning of rehabilitation there is a lot of stress as you are unable to be at the same physical activity level, make certain life changes etc. However being able to work through this initial stress of injury with adaptive emotion focused coping ( emotional support, self-distraction, venting, humor, and religion) and problem focused coping will allow you to deal with stress and have a batter mood state! You are also more likely to adhere to your rehab!

I hope you all have found this little tutorial interesting… feel free to follow up with any questions… I need to practice talking about it before my defense!!! If you are interested in injury and rehab as well as the psych stuff behind it I have a myriad of sources that I can share with you!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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