Happy Mothers Day everyone!

I would especially like to say Mother’s day to my mom. My mom who selflessly deals with all of my ridiculousness, and has done so for years. Who listens to me vent, rave, cry, babble joyfully etc on the phone for hours on end. She shares me and my brothers joy, pain, and all emotions in between, all while juggling her own life and my dad! She joined me for the first 12 miles of my first marathon, and despite the heat and her own exhaustion and PINKEYE, rode a bike to find me at mile 21, and stuck with me for those 4.2 remaining excruciating miles. She has supported every decision I have made forom where I wanted to go to college and grad school and now to my move to Nashville. Not to mention the handful of kindergartners she tends to every day! So thank you mom for being the best mom ever and being my rock and my best friend. (dad you are pretty awesome too but your day is coming soon). Hope you are having fun soaking up the California rays!!!

I hope every other mother out there has a great day!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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