Graduation Part 1!

Omg HIIIII… long time not chat! Life over here as been crazier than normal these past couple of weeks as I have 2 papers and 2 presentations due in the next two days, and had an exam Monday but after that I am DONE! well technically we have class next thursday and friday but they will be more of he kumbaya lets say bye bye and process the END of our masters degree!!! WOO HOOO I cannot wait to be done with school and become a real human being! Speaking of being done with school… my brother Billy graduated from Chapman University this weekend!!! I am so proud of him!! Isn’t he the cutest?! I got into Orange County late last Thursday night to start festivities! PMul and I then got up early Friday in order to hit up Bloomies to shop for my grad dress.. that I ended up getting at Vineyard Vines and it is the cutest ever.. and a dress for her! She got the prettiest Lilly P dress and now she is hooked… it’s only taken how many years of my obsession to rub off on her?! After the shopping we hit the pool for a few hours before Bill’s awards ceremony! His senior thesis film was nominated for four awards including best director and best picture!!!! His first red carpet!! He was not happy about me and my mom being paparazzi but what can ya do? Sadly he didn’t win but it is still a huge accomplishment and his film was amazing! On Saturday we went for a late lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp, his choice! I haven’t been there in awhile and forgot how good it was! I got grilled salmon with veggies and rice! Everyone else’s food looked pretty great too! After lunch, my dad wanted Ice Cream so we headed over to golden spoon for fro-yo before going to Chapman! while we were eating fro-yo outside there was a little kid in the barbershop next door screaming bloody murder.. it was sad… but also a little but funny Finally we got to Chapman where Bill’s grad was being held on their football field!!!

yes.. that is a segway cop

After Grad, we all went over to B’s best friend Lexi’s grad party that was held at her bosses house. Omg this was the cutest party ever, and I basically anted to put it on interest but sadly my pictures aren’t interest quality :(. They had a wine tasting with homemade pretzel rolls and fondue as well as the cutest tarts! Afterwards we dropped Bill at another friends house and went back to the hotel! It was a short, but great weekend and I am so excited for my little Bro!!!!

Now I have another exciting weekend ahead of me in Tennessee!! Yay!

Wish me luck on my presentations and papers.. goodness knows I am not the greatest public speaker! xxoo

Peace, Love, and be Sperry! 


One thought on “Graduation Part 1!

  1. Megan!!! How is this possible? I can remember like it was yesterday the ski trip we were on together when I was a first yr teacher at Acs and you were a freshman. You told me about your little brother billy who was “sometimes a bit of a handful for the teachers”. How can he be a college graduate producing films??? I have not gotten any older so don’t know how he could have!!!! A big congrats to billy and to you in a few weeks. Exciting new chapters. So happy for you !!! X the read clan

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