Memorial Day Weekend

Hello Hello!!

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend!! I know I did it!!! We spent the weekend at Whitt’s parents lake house on Lake Kentucky in Paris, Tennessee!

We drove up Saturday morning as I got in to Nashville late on Friday night!

The weekend was full of everything that makes a good Memorial Day weekend! We had tons of food, from 7 layer dip made by Whitt’s Aunt Christie, his cousin’s awesome homemade cheese dip, grilled dogs and burgers on Whitt’s dad’s infrared grill, and lots of pie! There was also a lot of beer.. and mixed drinks from Whitt’s cousin Brad who is a excellent cocktail creator, however I stuck to the brewskis!

Aside from the food and drink, was all the fun lake stuff! As someone who has always been a water baby, I was really excited to get on their boat and try new fun activities such as water skiing, tubing and jet skiing! It took about 8-10 tries but  I made it up eventually! I am now extremely sore from all of my activities… who would of thought a weekend without traditional workouts would be so physically exhausting?

Saturday night, we had a crazy game of Pictionary, it turns out I am quite good at guessing drawings… I owe it all to DrawSomething… if you haven’t downloaded this game… do it.. its so fun!!!

Yesterday, we stayed at the lake until just after 3, after a day spent with in ally getting up on water skis, an hour swimming in the lake with Whitt, and learning how to drive the boat! We hung out at Whitt’s apartment for a bit in order to relax/shower etc before going to Jack’s BBQ in downtown Nashville for dinner! I had the Texas Beef Brisket with a cucumber and tomato salad, green beans, and a side of corn bread! The veggies were ok, the Brisket was GREAT, and the corn bread was a little stale.

After dinner we went and got ice cream! I figured I had done enough this weekend to warrant some ice cream, and also kinda dropped the clean eating ball this weekend soooo there was nothing to lose! And I do not regret my choice! This ice-cream was fantastic! I got peanut butter cup, chocolate pb ice-cream with swirls of peanut butter and mini pb cups! It reminded me of my favorite ice cream place in the hamptons who had a frozen yogurt version of the same thing!! We ate it while looking out at the river that separates downtown and the Titans stadium! quite a beautiful setting!

We then went back to Whitt’s to watch Iron Man 2! I flew back this morning and am now getting my life back together after being gone all weekend! I have finished all my course work and now just have two more classes and then I am done!!! Graduation next Friday!! wooo!!!!

What did you do this weekend?!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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