Beer Olympics 2012!!

This weekend was the event I have been looking forward to for months!!!! Beer Olympics! I was in charge of the festivities this year, with help from my friend Victoria, without whom I would not have been able to pull it off!

This year we did things a little differently and in honor of it being an actual Olympic year, we represented 6 countries! My team was team Mexico

The events included a Beer Relay, Pong, and Flip Cup, we wanted to do Dizzy Bat however… it was too much ahhaa! The other teams included ‘Merica, United States of Space, Djibouti, Dubai, and Switzerland!



Last Year Beer Olympics was hosted in Wash Park, however this year, despite me and Victoria’s assurances that it was fine… the weather was not on our side, so instead we went to Ted’s! With a few minor tweaks, it ran pretty smoothly and everyone had a great time!! We ended up grilling brats, hotdogs and burgers to munch on throughout the games!

It was a great weekend, especially as it may be the last time I hang out with a lot of these people before graduation and my move!

Ok now I am going to go be productive!

Peace out loves!

Peace, Love, and be Sperry! 



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