The End’s not Near, It’s here!

Tomorrow I graduate from my Master’s Progam. All year I have been looking forward to this, and yet tonight I find myself looking back on these past two years, and I can’t believe they are almost over.

In college I was kind of like a little lost lamb, I kinda sorta knew what I wanted to do, but kept changing my mind with basically every breath I took. Even my graduate school search was all over the place, applying to multiple different programs, as I still wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to do.

When I got into DU I was relieved because I really didn’t want to go Michigan State, and I was wait listed at my top program. I didn’t know then how much I would learn from this program, how much I would grow and be challenged, and how I would find myself.. at least a new part of myself, that I hadn’t acknowledged before. I have become more myself through my Master’s Program, and I finally have  a passion for something other than food, British History, exercise, sports and shopping. I cannot wait to go out in the world and become a great consultant/counselor. And some day, when I am ready, I will hopefully get a Doctorate in some field of psychology so that I can have even more freedom in pursuing my dream career.

There have been some incredibly difficult times, especially lately with my Master’s Project, where I have allowed myself to doubt my capabilities. And when I started consulting, especially in groups where I was terrified of being useless and causing more harm then good. Let’s not even think about my first two quarters of presentations… OMG were those painful for all of us involved. But now I can semi-confidently present in front of a large group, I have even presented at a conference! My confidence in my abilities has certainly grown, and that is mostly due to the feedback and support from my classmates who have been there for me most of the time, even on my bad tornado emo days, they had my back. I will be great someday because of them, and my professors as well of course!

I have also made incredible friends, such as my rooms who I love immensely and could not have gotten through with out her, my awesome consulting partner in crime who is a super hero in so many ways and has a fire and passion that I can only hope for most of the time! Not to mention Kat, my favorite married who has grace and strength, the bromance of the century for always making me laugh and being great , wise friends when I needed them, Lana who’s snark and wit always made me think and laugh, Taryn whose love for quotes and general optimism kept me a float,my kick ass Beer Olympic co-planner V who is also an inspiration to me, not to mention the funniest person I know, and every other person in my cohort who had some kind of effect on my growth, and whom I will always think of fondly!

So heres to all the people who made tomorrow possible (you two P and J Mull, and McWhitter who has gotten me through the last bit)

Tomorrow I will have another grad picture to add to the collection! So for now I will leave you with pictures from the other two!

Now I am off to way the graduation episodes of Laguna Beach… its a tradition… and yes  I AM THAT LAME… your welcome hahaha

Catch ya when I am an M.A.!!!!

How many grads have you had?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!




3 thoughts on “The End’s not Near, It’s here!

  1. super belated congrats on this, meg. i feel like we’ve lost touch and i miss you! also loved your beer olympics pics. wine olympics please? PS laguna grad ep is a classic. i love that.

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