All Good Things Must Come To An End


I am blogging today from my bed in NASHVILE!!! I have officially moved from Denver, City by the Bay Colorado to the great state of Tennessee! 5 days in and so far I’ve been loving it! 

The past two weeks have been a blur of packing, goodbyes, 2 day road trip, unpacking, organizing, and hanging out with new/old friends! I have been a little bit lax on the healthy eating/working out… but as I am slowly getting settled those habits are becoming better! Not to mention the addition of Trader Joe’s back into my life! This will make it a lot easier and more fun!

So while I am enjoying my time here in my new city I thought I would share some pics of my last week in denver.. Including a baseball game and the most fun/ridiculous going away party haha! 





Last weekend, after everything was packed up and shipped off, and all my goodbyes had been said, my mom and I went up to the mountains one last time in order to spend some time hiking and drinking wine with family friends!

On Sunday, we had one last family get together at my aunts, before we left Monday morning!! Then it was time to say goodbye to Denco, its been a great two years, with incredible friends and amazing experiences. I will miss everyone dearly, however I am very excited about this new chapter in my life!

So stay tuned… I promise to be less mia now that I quasi have everything together!


Peace, Love,  and be Sperry!


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