Eat Drink and be… Crafty? DIY Headboard!

Hiiiii loverlies!!!!

I have a few posts coming your way this week… all detailing either food (OMG) or a DIY project yay!!! Today’s post is on my new headboard!!!

I am trying to make my room look nicer and more of a decorated room than my previous rooms have been in college and grad school. I decided that to accomplish this I needed a headboard! However buying a headboard even a basic one can be costly and as I am still unemployed (any one in Nashville wanna hire me haha) I am on a very strict budget. So after watching lots of HGTV, and doing some research on design blogs I decided to create my own!

At first I thought I wanted an upholstered headboard after seeing some awesome ones on Pinterest, especially this website!

There are some great ideas for headboards on this so if you are interested in making your own I highly suggest checking this out!!! So I dragged asked Whitt nicely to join me at Lowes/Micheals/other stores in order to accomplish my goals (at the time I also wanted to build a shelf)! However as soon as I got to Lowes and realized how much I needed for the shelf that got scrapped… and then so did my upholstered headboard idea as soon as I saw the piece of wood I am now using!

It is beautiful plywood with wood patterns! It feels very rustic which goes with my french themed bedspread! Nonetheless someone was not so much pleased me….

I wanted to paint it a light green to go with my lamps that I already have in my room! I found the perfect color and as soon as I got home, got to work!

First I sanded it down just a little to rough up the surface with sand paper, and then it was time to paint!

I did two coats and let it dry overnight! Then yesterday it was ready to go behind my bed! I was going to mount it by screwing it into the walls with 2 in screws, however it looks good like this so for now it will stay where it is! I am happy if I can avoid putting more holes in my wall!

Here is the final project!

Now I just need to get curtains and perhaps a hanging light… despite my lamps its still quite dark in my room without an overhead!

Ok I am off to get ready to go… catch ya later!!!

Peace, Love, and be Sperry! 


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