How to Spruce up a Shelf


Did you all have a good 4th?? I know I did!! I will post updates on that later!! But Today I wanna share how I turned a shelf from average to super cute and perfect for our space!

In my living room, we had a plain brown shelf behind our couch, its a perfect shelf and great for the room however it didn’t really add anything to the room, so my roommate Amanda and I decided to paint it!

When I went to Lowes to make my headboard, I also got paint to go on the shelf.. it was a darker shade of green than the headboard, which would pull the green out that is in the couch!

After painting the headboard, Amanda and I got started! We sanded the shelf quickly in order to help the paint stay on better, and then we each took sides and a brush and started painting! We did three coats, and once it was dry I went back over it with sand paper in order to rough up the paint and make it look a little more antique!

There it is our new shelf! It looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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