Nashville Eats

Lately I have been eating A LOT… and eating OUT a lot!!! So today I wanted to share some of my Nashville eats!!!!

First off NASHVILLE FOOD TRUCKS!!! Holy Moly I have never had food trucks like this! Two Saturdays ago, we went to the 1st Nashville Street Food Fair, which was basically a gathering of food trucks! My favorite- definitely the Grilled Cheeserie! If you are from this area you know that it is some of the best grilled cheese EVER!!!

I had a grilled cheese with provolone, basil, and tomatoes on multigrain! Whitt had the most ridiculous grilled cheese with cheddar, pimento mac n cheese, bacon I think another cheese, and tomatoes.. INSANE! There were a bunch of other really cool food trucks that I hope to get another chance to try!

In addition to the food trucks, my new favorite mexican place is Chuy’s! If you live in Nashville get yourself to Chuy’s! Especially for happy hour- $2.50 domestic beer, $4 margs… and best of all? Free all you can eat Nacho bar…. pay for drinks eat dinner for free!

Last Friday, Whitt and I had a special Sushi date at Sushiyobi! This is a delicious Sushi restaurant in midtown on Denombreun (or Demon Breun as I call it haaha)

This sushi was great! I got the Rocky Mountain roll which was incredible. It had spicy tuna, cucumber & tempura flake topped w/ spicy crab & house sauce and was wrapped in soy paper instead of seaweed.

As well as a Volcano roll… Spicy crab, spicy tuna & avocado topped w/ salmon/spicy mayo & house sauce

Whitt got the Bob the Builder roll which was topped with strawberries!! It was really good- interesting but definitely good! He got another roll but I forgot what it was but it too was delicious!

All in all 2 weeks in Nashville and I am definitely enjoying the eats!!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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