Opening Ceremonies!

Hulloa!! Greetings from te American Terminal and Nashville international airport where I’m currently awaiting my flight to Chicago- from there I will be en route to LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!
I meant to blog yesterday however we had friends in town this weekend and it was a hectic Saturday indeed! And by hectic I mean we spent the day at the pool relaxing with a few cold ones, Chuys take out and good music! Post pool day we went to a wedding- and then out with friends!
However that is not what this post is about- this post is about Friday night!
On Friday, Whitt, my roommate Amanda, her bf Ben and me hung out at our place to watch the ceremonies! I have a personal tradition of eating the food of the nation hosting the Olympics the night of the opening ceremonies! This was started by my mom years ago, and being the traditionalist that I am I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who still follows it!
Anyways to honor the host city and my adopted home city- I made Fish and Chips!
I had never fried fish before but it was pretty easy and super delicious!
I marinated tilapia and flounder in a mix of 1 egg and 1/4 a cup of beer. Then I covered the fish in whole wheat flour and panko. I fried the fish for several minutes in peanut oil until it was crispy! The outcome was crispy deliciousness on the outside and creamy fishy goodness on the inside! We paired our fish with frozen steak fries and an assortment of dipping sauces!

20120729-020258 PM.jpg

20120729-020313 PM.jpg
I also made an Olympic rings cake that I saw on pinterest! I used funfetti cake and vanilla frosting! Sadly my oven was not working correctly and being me I decided to microwave the cake- this is not ever a good idea…. Microwaves and cakes do not mix! But luckily I’m surrounded by the best people who attempted to eat it and assured me it wasn’t that bad… It was…but it looked good!

20120729-020701 PM.jpg
We also enjoyed British beverages such as Pimms and Newcastle! I stuck to Pimms which is my favorite summer drink!
I enjoyed the ceremonies… I especially loved the music of the ages section! And of course seeing Becks (david beckham) carry the torch- I love him!

20120729-020843 PM.jpg
I also saw one of my old teachers who was a volunteer in the games!
All in all it was a great start to the games and I’m already loving the competition thus far!!!
do you have any olympic traditions?
See ya tomorrow from London!
Peace, love and be Sperry!


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