Greetings from Heaven

I am at the First Class Lounger currently watching Tandem Diving in the Olympics (um how is this even possible/ probably the hardest thing ever).

I have decided I want to live in the First class lounge… or ya know be supa wealthy so I can always travel this way. One- free open bar… not that I am really taking advantage of it but it was nice to have a cup of Pimms and a glass of wine with dinner! TV showing the Olympics- check, especially when the audience in the lunge is quiet and respectful and so we can watch in peace. Plus the food…. OMG the food



I don’t remember ever having lounge food this good. We travelled business class several times in high school and maybe we just never ate dinner because OMG… this is incredible… so I felt I owed it to all of you to share the incredible tastes that I just enjoyed!

Usually when you think of airport food you think of chains, or expensive snacks that cost more than you want/need to spend but you are s hungry and its an overnight flight so you need dinner. O’Hare International especially is definitely NOT known for it’s food court… McDonalds, a hot dog place and several other fast food chains do not equal health or anything I want sitting in my stomach on an airplane for 7 hours… thanks but no thanks! The exception to this rule is Midway airport where they have a potbelly aka my favorite sandwich

So when I got upgraded thanks to my parents miles, I was overjoyed to reap the benefits of a business class ticket (especially after going on the smallest plane ever from Nashville to Chicago). The dinner options include multiple salad options, such as green salad, arugala salad and more, grilled veggie salad, cannelini bean salad ( i had ends of this SO GOOD) fresh cukes, tomatoes and more, green beans, smashed yukon potatoes, lemon herb chicken, cajun braised beef, wild rice pilaf, crispy salmon, and A MAKE YOUR OWN DUMPLING BAR… um WHAT?? I didn’t take advantage of this… but omg I kind of wish I left room on my plate/stomach because the idea alone is amazing!

Here is my plate of delicious gourmet goodness



Needless to say.. traveling will never be the same!

Ok off to enjoy Swimming!!!! See you Tomorrow from London (for Realz this time!)


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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