Foodie Pen Pals July


Omg today was awesome….Beach Volleyball is SOOO cool..  and fun.. and amazing.. and I LOVELOVELOVE the Olympics… I was gonna type that post up tonight but Im super tired after meeting up with a friend from HS for a pint at the old pub we used to go to (the runner for my HS friends who read this) and have to get up suupadupa early for SWIMMING tomorrow- Lochte and Phelps GET AT ME… and then Today SHow.. as fun fact it is filmed at noon my time haha.. so look for me… I will be there waving my ‘MERICA scarf and looking too cool for school as per usual

OK now onto the important stuff.. Foodie Pen Pals July… y’all know the drill.. its the best thing ever ever and you should sign up!

does this each month, and it has grown so big and awesome and literal is one of my favorite things about the blog world!

This month my box was from Martha from MLLrungirll! OMG I love her… she sent the cutest box with the best stuff.. so here it is!

So we had yummy gluten free crackers which I love, some yummy snacks like lorna done cookies and teddy grahams, two kind bars which have been great snacks for lying at the pool or just to grab on the go, granola, yan yan chocolate dipping sticks, 2 fruit strips, some NUUN packs and the best part… homemade strawberry jam
This is the best jam I have ever had hands down. I brought it to work because I was afraid I wouldn’t eat it fast enough and it would go bad…we devoured it… and then I wished I had kept it to myself… and so did Whitt who didn’t get to try any haha
so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Martha!!!! This was a great month!
Now I am off to get some beauty rest for tomorrow… which is weird because it is still just evening for you all!
Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

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