First Day of The Games! (for me)


OMG I am loving the Olympics… this is basically the best vacation of my whole entire life… and I basically want to go to every Olympics from now on… so Mom and Dad please move every four years… Thanks

Also… sorry if I have been bombarding twitter/facebook… I just can’t help it I’m so damn excited and I just want to share.

In other news.. I am officially a beach volleyball convert! I watched it in Beijing but it wasn’t my favorite… until I was there live… let me tell you… it was amazing.. such a vibrant atmosphere and I loved London’s twist by bringing is dancer’s and getting the crowd to be as loud as possible. I just love that… after all why go to an event if you aren’t going to get a little rowdy?!

We saw four games- each game is made of 2 sets of 21 and then a set of 15 if a tie breaker is needed… we had no tie breakers in any of our games.. the winners blew their opposition away in both sets! We also did not see America.. which I was actually ok with… we got to see Great Britain which is my second home anyways soooo I still got to share some home-team pride! The games were Men: Holland-Germany (Holland won) and Venezuela-Latvia (Latvia won), and Women: Holland-Austrailia (Holland won) and Great Britain-Italy (sadly Italy won)

Also genius London this venue was GENIUS… It was BEAUTIFUL… and you could see the Eye and the Big Ben.. and Beach Volleyball players have amazing bodies.. they definitely rock the bikinis they wear!

and of course on the way back to Waterloo train station I found this scarf and had to buy it- I wore it today to swimming!


It is huge and doubles as a flag… I love it! Needless to say my first ever Olympic event was pretty incredible!

I’ll be back tomorrow with swimming and TODAY show stuff!!! Tomorrow we have no tickets but we aren’t going to the Olympic museum, Borough Market, and to see the rings on Tower Bridge!

Have you been watching the Olympics? What are your favorite events? Have you given any new events a chance and loved them?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


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