The Best Day of My LIfe Thus Far

Aka the day I saw swimming live at the Olympics

Seriously.. from the beginning we had an all star line up- Our first event 100 women’s Free featured Jessica Hardy and Missy Franklin, then we had mens 200 IM- oh herrow Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, Womens 200 breast- Rebecca Soni and Micah Lawrence kicked butt, Mens 200 Back with Lochte and Tyler Clary, and the women’s 4×200 relay which the USA won in the finals later today and set the Olympic record- I spoiled that on Twitter.. sorry.. but I was super excited… and NBC shouldn’t wait till Primetime

Also it was awesome seeing the 200 I’m as that was my race in HS and although I hated it at first I grew to love it!

So I figure I will share my pics and a video from today’s events!

After swimming we found the Today Show- and got on!!!!!!!!! tres exciting!

Ok off to bed because it is almost 1 am my time! catch ya tomorrow with a Today Show recap!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



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