That Time I hung out with Carmelo… aka Today Show!

And by hang out I mean he made funny faces at me in the crowd, and then I got a picture… well my dad got a picture of the back of our heads because PMull was having difficulty with the IPhone camera.. it happens- but I got a lot of pictures of his face! And everyone else’s! After swimming we got an awesome spot right up front (ok I pushed)  at the Today Show, which meant we got to meet the entire crew who came over, Carmelo, and w got pretty good pictures of everyone else who was on! This pretty much made me and my mom’s day even better.. my two bros weren’t over the moon about standing around for an hour- but I thought it was totally worth it! We are going back tomorrow so be sure to watch the Today Show tomorrow morning!

Here’s the video that shows us!!!!

Yup.. another reason why I am having the time of my life here in London at the 2012 Olympic Games!!!!!!

Do you watch the Today Show?!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!!!



One thought on “That Time I hung out with Carmelo… aka Today Show!

  1. Ok. I love your life. SO FREAKING COOL!! Swimming and the today show. I hope you told Lochte about me when you met him – that I accept the fact that he comes off as a dbag, but his face makes me forget! Bahaha.

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