Final Olympics Recap: water polo

I decided to spread these out for those who like me are having Olympic withdrawal…. And also last week was my first full week of work and I was exhausted/super busy/ got a puppy (more on this later)
So now to the final event we had tickets too… Men’s water polo!!! First can I say omg this looks so hard- treading water and swimming up an down the length of the pool all while trying pass, catch or score goals….new found respect for water polo!
We went on Monday of the second week of the games, to the morning round! We saw Russia v Kazakhstan and Austrailia v Greece! It was a prelim round but we had front row center seats and it was incredible!

20120821-095808 AM.jpg

20120821-095829 AM.jpg

20120821-095845 AM.jpg

20120821-095857 AM.jpg
After the last match my mom and I scurried over to the today show for the third and last time! I’m pretty sure the crew was beginning to recognize us! It was worth it because we got to meet Nathan Adrian, Rebecca Soni, Dana Vollmer, Matt Grevers, Allison Schmidt, and Katie leDecky! We also saw Oscar pistorius which was great because I really admire his ability to compete against the greats with prosthetics on both legs!

20120821-100219 AM.jpg

20120821-100231 AM.jpg

20120821-100241 AM.jpg
This was a great end to my last day in the park! Afterwards I ventured into the city to meet my friend lyndsey from HS! We went to our favorite pizza place
– pizza express and then relaxed at her flat with a bottle of wine! The next morning we attempted to watch the Triathalon in Hyde park but it was packed!!! So we took lots of pictures instead!

20120821-100704 AM.jpg

20120821-100720 AM.jpg

20120821-100731 AM.jpg

20120821-100744 AM.jpg

20120821-100804 AM.jpg
After the tri, Lyndz and I had sushi at Harrods before saying goodbye! She was flying back to Sweden that night, and I had to get home to Weybridge!!
Thus concludes my Olympic recap (tear), but I have a few more London recaps as well as an intro to my newest little roommate!!!!
See ya later!!
Peace, Love, and be Sperry!!!


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