My New Addition!

So as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I adopted a puppy on Saturday! I have wanted a dog for ages, and my roommates were very supportive of this, especially after we found the little guy on the website! His name was what drew us in, and his little smush face sealed the deal! I’ve always wanted a big dog that I could run with, however for the foreseeable future I live in an apartment and I wouldnt always have time for a really long run or walk with a bigger more energetic puppy so I decided on looking for another type of dog ive always wanted, a pug or a pug mix! Needless to say when I saw this guy on the Love at First Sight website (a puppy rescue in Nashville) I was done!!
Friends, meet Yoda!!!

20120822-031412 PM.jpg

20120822-031450 PM.jpg

20120822-031502 PM.jpg
Isn’t he the cutest thing? He is a pug/Boston terrier/dachshund! he has become quite the momma’s boy already but hes pretty spoiled by both my roommates and Whitt! I am really excited for this new chapter, even though puppy training is not exactly a cake walk!
You will be seeing lots of this guy on here so get ready!!!

Tell me about your pets, especially any tips you may have for a puppy!
Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

20120822-032453 PM.jpg

20120822-032507 PM.jpg


4 thoughts on “My New Addition!

  1. Meg, As a dog owner for 30 plus years, my best advice is be patient and let him/her know you are the alpha dog.Get a good reliable dog training book and you should be ok. Love that you went rescue! Love, Nora

  2. He is so cute it hurts to look at him. I have two toy poodles and by best advice is this: They ALWAYS bathroom within 30 minutes of eating and the astro turf puppy pad things are amazing if you cannot walk them during the day. They aren’t an eyesore and are so easy to clean.

    Erin –

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