Friday Facts

Happy Friday!
Today I’m sharing facts from my week and life in general! Enjoy haha
1. This weekend I went to Knoxville for the UT-UF game and got to meet my beautiful #twino Caitlin!!!! We have been “blends” for awhile so it was nice to finally meet her in person!!!

20120921-093926 AM.jpg
2. I have lost 3 lbs and 2 inches since starting bootcamp! This may have been the best decision I’ve ever made! I love this program and highly encourage anyone looking to make a change to try it out!
3. I finally bought Tom’s this week and a new pair of Sperry’s…. It was love….. After all what’s a blog with Sperry in the name if I don’t represent once in awhile?
4. My friend Ally comes this weekend! She lives in London but is in town for a family wedding! With that and our apartment warming party this weekend I have little things to put a smile on my face!
5.little nugget has now decided he is very tough and likes to wrestle anything he can… Aka blankets, my pillow, gym shorts…. It’s pretty hilarious

20120921-094754 AM.jpg

20120921-101202 AM.jpg
6. I started my new job this week! I am working at a nonprofit aimed at bringing health and fitness to kids who may not be getting it elsewhere! I love it so far!

What are your Friday Facts?
Peace,Love, and be Sperry!


Love letter to My Body

So this week/weekend was both awesome and awful both of which I will get to later! But now I am going to dedicate the blog to Fitmixer and my body.
This week in the webcast, we were asked to write a love letter to our bodies, so here is mine!
Dear Body,
We have had quite a road in these 24 years. For years I took you for granted, eating junk because I could, while you did work for me allowing me to swim and do all that I needed to do everyday. And then I became unsatisfied with you, reaching for a standard I didn’t need to reach and allowing you to suffer in the process.
However I have treated you, you have still allowed me to swim miles, run a marathon, walk everywhere I can, and dance, sing and act in general like a loon.

20120920-105939 AM.jpg

20120920-110151 AM.jpg

20120920-110203 AM.jpg
You take all the different eating habits, drinking, late nights, training, everything… And now it’s time I give back to you! So that is why I am doing fitmixer and this bootcamp, it is time to find balance and health that will make me feel and look great! I love you an now it is time to show you how much!

Time to Change

So as I’ve said ive been crazy lately- crazy busy, crazy emotional, and crazy eating! Pretty much since I’ve moved to Nashville I have been pretty lax about how I eat- lots of restaurants that are sushi or Mexican- happy hours, more chips and queso than I’ve eaten in years, grilled items, ice cream, beer and other things that for a very long time I never allowed into my body. This was a good and bad thing- on the bright side I relaxed a lot about food! I didn’t stress after queso mainly because I was intent on enjoying the taste and the people I was with! It also meant I felt more sluggish and less in control of what I was eating. Once I started my new job full time breakfasts and lunches became super healthy and I am able to fit in workouts during nap time and take walks with the kids- but my dinners were still all over the place!
Luckily I had the foresight while I was in London to sign up for the Fitmixer bootcamp! Anyone who has read Alyssa’s blog has heard of this, and I was intrigued about what this would do to the new not so great habits I had picked up!
Well let me tell you…. One week in and I am already feeling better! For one the last two weeks have been better with the knowledge that I was starting bootcamp on Monday- and I lost 3 pounds in that time! That is the most weight I’ve lost in awhile! Knowing and planning out my 6 meals a day, having set workouts and actually documenting my meals on My Fitness planner has been awesome so far and I feel better than I have in months!
I am excited for the next 7 weeks to see what I can do, especially as I will start training soon for Disney Princess Half!!! I’m waiting for the weather to cool off just a bit before I do!
So that’s my spiel for today…. I am finally taking charge and making a change in my eating habits and body in a way I haven’t done in a while! The last year and a half I have been so focused on training for races that I haven’t done anything like this in awhile! So here’s to change and loving my body!
what have you done to change your body/life?
Peace,Love, and be Sperry!


Oh hey!

So I know.. lately I have not blogged at all.. and I know what I am about to say will not evoke empathy but just go with me here!

Once I got home from London my life was pretty much on hyper speed. I was working part time so I adopted a puppy.. the cutest love of my life

Right? Dying.. anyways the week I adopted Yoda I became full time at my job, where as of now I can’t access the internet, and now I am starting a new job which is awesome and going to really help me for my career but still two jobs.. a puppy, still adjusting to Nashville… etc… but even that is not the overwhelming part!

The weekend after I adopted Yoda I went to NYC for my 25th birthday, Labor Day weekend Twink and Collen came for five days, and last weekend I had job training, and a huge drama occurred… basically I am running on fumes most of the time between 10/12 hour days, puppy training, guests/travelling, and life in general! So I haven’t been blogging because at the end of the day…I just don’t have it in me anymore. I know this is normal life.. but this is my first time out of school and working full time and so I am having a harder time than I thought! But I will make more of an effort!

But I am going to try harder because I really do need this blog..and  I love all of you readers!

Also I just started Fitmixer Bootcamp so I want to share my progress with you! Also omg dying because this bootcamp is potentially the hardest thing ever!

I all leave with another picture of the munchkin!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!