Love letter to My Body

So this week/weekend was both awesome and awful both of which I will get to later! But now I am going to dedicate the blog to Fitmixer and my body.
This week in the webcast, we were asked to write a love letter to our bodies, so here is mine!
Dear Body,
We have had quite a road in these 24 years. For years I took you for granted, eating junk because I could, while you did work for me allowing me to swim and do all that I needed to do everyday. And then I became unsatisfied with you, reaching for a standard I didn’t need to reach and allowing you to suffer in the process.
However I have treated you, you have still allowed me to swim miles, run a marathon, walk everywhere I can, and dance, sing and act in general like a loon.

20120920-105939 AM.jpg

20120920-110151 AM.jpg

20120920-110203 AM.jpg
You take all the different eating habits, drinking, late nights, training, everything… And now it’s time I give back to you! So that is why I am doing fitmixer and this bootcamp, it is time to find balance and health that will make me feel and look great! I love you an now it is time to show you how much!


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