Happy Holidays!!

Merry Christmas from Chicago!!!
Hope y’all have a wonderful time with family and friends! I know I am!

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Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


Break and cookies!

As of an hour ago I am on break!!! This is my first real grown up Christmas break… and I can honestly say I have never needed a break more… I know last year when I was stressing about doc apps and that pesky thing called my master’s thesis…. nothing on life lately! I now have 10 sport psych consulting clients! I took over my mentors practice in early December when she moved to Denver.. and what started as 5 clients escalated quite quickly but I cannot be more happy about it! Between that, nannying, Yoda, and juggling a social life I have been one busy and tired bumble bee! But I can honestly say I am the happiest I have been in a while… when I am not stuck in traffic or dealing with crying babies!

Needless to say my blog spurt slowed down last week due to needing to take a major breather to get everything done!

I wanted to jump in today tho and share a last minute cookie recipe for those of you who may still need ideas! I got these cookies as a part of last years Great Blogger Cookie Swap, made them several times last holiday season, and made them this week to give to friends/my bosses! These are amazing and always get rave reviews so if you are looking for one more cookie these are the way to go!

2 1/4 cups flour

1 tsp baking soda
2 sticks of unsalted butter softened

1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar

1 (4.2 ounce) package Cookies ‘n Creme pudding mix
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups white chocolate chips
15 Oreo cookies, very coarsely chopped
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Using a stand or hand mixer, cream butter and sugars adding the pudding mix when it is all fluffy, then add in the eggs and vanilla
In a separate bowl, combine the flour and baking soda with a whisk, add the flour mixture in to the butter/sugar mix! Stir in chocolate chips and Oreo cookies, and then drop on to cookie sheet in rounded small spoonfuls!
Bake for 10 minutes in preheated oven until cookies tops barely have a touch of brown
Enjoy they are delicious! Now I am off to finish getting ready for our tip to Chicago and Yoda’s first airplane ride!!

20121223-080857 PM.jpg
Have a good Christmas Eve Eve!!!
Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

NYC Part 2

Happy Saturday!!!!
So a week ago today I was in NYC reunited with people from three stages of my life! I got to spend my day with high school, college, and a friend from Denver/grad school!

We spent the day on a made up by me pub crawl aka we went to two bars! We started at Down the Hatch with is a ver college-y NYU bar that has great day drinking specials which is why I chose it!

SAM_0689My high school friends Lauren, Kendall and Dave joined us, as well as Lauren’s bf Bobby who I love! Dave actually lives in Nashville as well (obviously why I moved here) and it was great to hang out with him in NYC with our old friends in addition to seeing him all the time here!

After we all got to DTH and had a drink (or wings and a few beers in my case… SUCH GOOD WINGS) we headed to the Standard Biergarten! I can’t believe I never went here when I lived in NYC! It was like being in German Beer hall and I can only imagine how great it is in the summer!

SAM_0694Two of my best friends in college Erica and Emma joined us for the day as well, the visited me in Nashville a few weeks ago and it was so great to be able to see them again so soon!

SAM_0693and of course Twink and her brother! It was such a great day with good friends, good beer and good times! After the Standard my high school friends plus Emma and I went to Dos Caminos in Soho for dinner while Twink and her brother had dinner at the National and Erica went to an Ugly Sweater party! I love Dos Caminos it was always one of my favorite places and I haven’t been there since I graduated NYU!  I got the best fish tacos I have ever had… and now thinking about them I want some more…

After dinner, I headed back uptown to meet Twink and her bro to go see the Rockettes! I had never seen them before and I was not disappointed! This was such a great show and definitely added to the holiday spirit!

The next morning, Twink and I went to visit her brother’s school and then I left them to go meet Erica, Emma and my roommate/soulmate from college Nicole for bagels at Nicoles! She was unable to meet up with us on Saturday and I was so glad to get to see her.. and get Pick-A-Bagel because they are my favorite things ever.

SAM_0714It was definitely a jam packed weekend and I can’t wait till I get to go back! Needless to say I pretty much passed out as soon as I got home Sunday night and had adequate cuddles with the pup who was NOT happy that I left him… although Sarah spoils him pretty rotten!

Now I am off to see three clients and either christmas shop or take the pup to the dog park… I wonder which one will win haha


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!






Friday Quotes

Instead of the post on NYC I had planned, today’s post is quote-filled. After a tragedy like what happened in Connecticut this morning I felt it would be good to reflect, and I also have found a bunch that speak to me right now so here ya go… hope everyone has a great Friday and even better weekend!

Source: gagthat.com via Becky on Pinterest


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


Oh howdy!

There is more NYC to come but I wanted to do a fun 12/12/12 related post instead… also TWO in ONE DAY… I know.. it could be getting back to normal posting around hurr

So because it is 12/12/12 and there are 12 days till Christmas Eve now, I have decided to do a 12 things about Christmas survey!

1 . Whats your favorite Christmas memory? 

Definitely all of our Christmas eve parties in high school and college! We had one every year at my house and it was always a great time!


2. Favorite Holiday Treat?

This is a tough one! It is a tie between pumpkin roll and peppermint bark! I could literally eat both of these all day.. especially now that I have mastered making peppermint bark!


3. Fake or real Tree?

All my life until we lived in England I had a real tree! My dad and I used to go pick out a tree together every year at Home Depot, and then get their hot dogs after… man those were good! Once we moved we started traveling before or after Christmas so we would get a fake tree! Now I have my own fake tree in my apartment with lots of evergreen candles and a real pine wreath as a centerpiece on my coffee table to make it smell like a real tree!


4. What are your plans for Christmas?

I am going to Chicago for my first Christmas there since I was 9… pretty excited for this… minus the fact that it I am now spoiled by Nashville and am horrified at super cold weather… its fine… And Yoda will be coming with us!!!

5. Favorite Christmas Traditions?

It used to be our Christmas Eve Party, but since that is over now as we no longer spend Christmas in England, it is definitely helping my mom pick out our family Christmas pajamas that we all open on Christmas Eve! I was completely in charge this year… just wait for them hahahaha they are AWESOME


6. Favorite Christmas Song?

I have two… the Christmas Song is one.. love it because it is so traditional and All I Want For Christmas is You,, both the original and the version with JBiebs… because I do love him even if thats embarrassing to admit… don’t hate


7. Favorite Christmas Album?

Mariah Carey’s Christmas album.. it was one of my very first CDs and I love it!

8. Favorite Christmas Movie?

Elf… hands down.. but in second is Miracle on 34th Street


9. Do you prefer giving or getting presents?

Giving! I love hunting down the perfect present for people and watching them open it! This goes for birthdays as well!


10. What are you looking forward to most this Christmas?

Family time!!! I always look forward to seeing my family, and especially this year as I haven’t seen them since August! I am also looking forward to them meeting disaster pup… and him potentially seeing snow for the first time/me throwing him in the snow and seeing how he reacts… I am a REALLY good dog mom.. I swear


11. Staying at home for Christmas or Traveling?

We used to stay wherever we lived in the States because family was close or would come visit, and then in England we spent two two Christmases in the French Alps which were great, and then started staying in town for Christmas and traveling the three days before or after Christmas! Last year we went to Beaver Creek to Ski on Christmas and this year I am trekking up to Chi-town! I can honestly say that as stressful as traveling around the holidays is as long as I am where the family is I am happy!


12. Favorite part of the Christmas season?

Holiday Parties… Obviously my Ugly Sweater Party was a success.. best way to start the holiday party season! Back home my friend Mark’s parents always threw a Christmas Sing A Long party which usually occurred at the beginning of our HS and college breaks so everyone would be just coming home for it!  I love being able to celebrate the season as many times as possible with my favorite people!


I also love the decorations and Christmas music everywhere, like in NYC this weekend… loved that!

Hope you enjoyed this especially the memes (may-mays)! What are your answers to the survey?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


NYC Part 1

Happy Wednesday y’all!

Hope you are all having a good morning! I know can you believe I am posting two days in a row? Its a holiday miracle!

This past weekend I went to NYC with my dear sweet Twinkle fairy to see her brother who goes to med school at Mt. Sinai and of course all of my favorite people in NYC! As I mentioned in my last post I am still a bit surprised that I actually made it to NYC because my flight was at 6:30am after my Ugly Sweater Christmas party…. needless to say I woke up at 5 am when the cabbie called me… and trekked to the airport in my ugly sweater outfit…. yes unfortunately I WAS that girl… I would post the picture I took… but no…

After I arrived in NYC I met Twink at our hotel and we went down to Union Square to go to Grey Dogs which is one of my favorite lunch spots in NYC… the atmosphere is awesome and the food is even better! After lunch we walked around for awhile before heading back to the hotel to nap and get ready for her brothers med school formal that night!  On our way to the formal, we stopped up at Rockefeller Plaza to see the tree!Image


I forgot how much I miss NYC at Christmas time! This was always my favorite part of living there, going up to see the tree with friends and have romantic Christmas dates with my big every year! It was nice to be able to share it with Twink!

The formal was at a warehouse in Chelsea and it was quite cool with a great view which you can’t see in pictures because its dark.. but the windows were cool! It was also fun just to get dressed up again and go to a formal like the ones I used to go in college… I have been quite nostalgic lately.. either that or I still kind of live like I am in college… who knows….ImageImage


It was such a fun night with Twink who I haven’t seen since she came to visit me in Nashville over labor day weekend!!!!

The weekend continues with more shenanigans that I will be back later to share!

Have you ever seen the tree at Rockefeller?! I loved it this year!!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!


Happy Holidays everyone! I have jumped right into the Christmas spirit lately, with actually decorating my apartment this year, going even more all out on my tree (despite SOMEONE who thinks certain ornaments are edible…..) and hosting my very first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party!

For those who have been reading this blog for awhile you may remember that when I lived in Denver my roommate and I had an annual Friendsgiving.. well that didn’t happen this year in Nashville but I still really wanted to throw a holiday party! Of course what would I love more than a chance to dress up in a ridiculous holiday outfit AND dress my puppy up in  a ridiculous holiday outfit without getting completely judged? Yea… there is no other opportunity!

So my roommate Sarah and I hosted our first Ugly Christmas Sweater Party on Thursday! It was super good timing… as I had a 6:30 am flight to NYC the next morning…. that I actually did make! Because I was so excited to be hosting our first real party in Nashville I went a little overboard on holiday treats.. and I hadn’t baked in awhile so it was much needed! I made homemade peppermint bark for the first time which was so easy to make and I will definitely be adding it into my holiday rotation from now on!

Pretzel Crisp Peppermint Bark

1 bag Nestle Semi Sweet and Mint chip bag

1 bag White Chocolate Peppermint covered Pretzel Crisps

1 bag Dark Chocolate Peppermint Pretzel Crisps

line a small baking pan with parchment paper and layer the cops in a single layer on the sheet so the chips are touching. Bake at 350 for 2-3 minutes until chips are shiny. Take out of the oven and immediately swirl the chips together.photo

Once you have swirled the ships, let sit for one minute and then add the crushed pretzel pieces.image

Lift pan up 3 in and then drop it so everything settles in. The refrigerate for an hour before breaking it into pieces!


This was so easy and sooo good! Definitely the perfect addition to a holiday party or gift bag!

There was also Holiday MnM cookies, Puppy chow and Reeses Thumbprint cookies!

And of course… UGLY SWEATERS… and alcohol… just a little of that…




how ridiculous is this tshirt? My friend and I saw it in Target and I died laughing because of my pup obviously and so as a joke her bought it for me for the Ugly Sweater party/life haha. Obviously I put it on for a picture because I am really cool.


It was a great night with friends and the best start to weekend in NYC with all of my favorites that I could ask for!!! It certainly put me in the holiday spirit!

Have y’all started celebrating the holidays?!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!