Oh howdy!

There is more NYC to come but I wanted to do a fun 12/12/12 related post instead… also TWO in ONE DAY… I know.. it could be getting back to normal posting around hurr

So because it is 12/12/12 and there are 12 days till Christmas Eve now, I have decided to do a 12 things about Christmas survey!

1 . Whats your favorite Christmas memory? 

Definitely all of our Christmas eve parties in high school and college! We had one every year at my house and it was always a great time!


2. Favorite Holiday Treat?

This is a tough one! It is a tie between pumpkin roll and peppermint bark! I could literally eat both of these all day.. especially now that I have mastered making peppermint bark!


3. Fake or real Tree?

All my life until we lived in England I had a real tree! My dad and I used to go pick out a tree together every year at Home Depot, and then get their hot dogs after… man those were good! Once we moved we started traveling before or after Christmas so we would get a fake tree! Now I have my own fake tree in my apartment with lots of evergreen candles and a real pine wreath as a centerpiece on my coffee table to make it smell like a real tree!


4. What are your plans for Christmas?

I am going to Chicago for my first Christmas there since I was 9… pretty excited for this… minus the fact that it I am now spoiled by Nashville and am horrified at super cold weather… its fine… And Yoda will be coming with us!!!

5. Favorite Christmas Traditions?

It used to be our Christmas Eve Party, but since that is over now as we no longer spend Christmas in England, it is definitely helping my mom pick out our family Christmas pajamas that we all open on Christmas Eve! I was completely in charge this year… just wait for them hahahaha they are AWESOME


6. Favorite Christmas Song?

I have two… the Christmas Song is one.. love it because it is so traditional and All I Want For Christmas is You,, both the original and the version with JBiebs… because I do love him even if thats embarrassing to admit… don’t hate


7. Favorite Christmas Album?

Mariah Carey’s Christmas album.. it was one of my very first CDs and I love it!

8. Favorite Christmas Movie?

Elf… hands down.. but in second is Miracle on 34th Street


9. Do you prefer giving or getting presents?

Giving! I love hunting down the perfect present for people and watching them open it! This goes for birthdays as well!


10. What are you looking forward to most this Christmas?

Family time!!! I always look forward to seeing my family, and especially this year as I haven’t seen them since August! I am also looking forward to them meeting disaster pup… and him potentially seeing snow for the first time/me throwing him in the snow and seeing how he reacts… I am a REALLY good dog mom.. I swear


11. Staying at home for Christmas or Traveling?

We used to stay wherever we lived in the States because family was close or would come visit, and then in England we spent two two Christmases in the French Alps which were great, and then started staying in town for Christmas and traveling the three days before or after Christmas! Last year we went to Beaver Creek to Ski on Christmas and this year I am trekking up to Chi-town! I can honestly say that as stressful as traveling around the holidays is as long as I am where the family is I am happy!


12. Favorite part of the Christmas season?

Holiday Parties… Obviously my Ugly Sweater Party was a success.. best way to start the holiday party season! Back home my friend Mark’s parents always threw a Christmas Sing A Long party which usually occurred at the beginning of our HS and college breaks so everyone would be just coming home for it!  I love being able to celebrate the season as many times as possible with my favorite people!


I also love the decorations and Christmas music everywhere, like in NYC this weekend… loved that!

Hope you enjoyed this especially the memes (may-mays)! What are your answers to the survey?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



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