NYC Part 2

Happy Saturday!!!!
So a week ago today I was in NYC reunited with people from three stages of my life! I got to spend my day with high school, college, and a friend from Denver/grad school!

We spent the day on a made up by me pub crawl aka we went to two bars! We started at Down the Hatch with is a ver college-y NYU bar that has great day drinking specials which is why I chose it!

SAM_0689My high school friends Lauren, Kendall and Dave joined us, as well as Lauren’s bf Bobby who I love! Dave actually lives in Nashville as well (obviously why I moved here) and it was great to hang out with him in NYC with our old friends in addition to seeing him all the time here!

After we all got to DTH and had a drink (or wings and a few beers in my case… SUCH GOOD WINGS) we headed to the Standard Biergarten! I can’t believe I never went here when I lived in NYC! It was like being in German Beer hall and I can only imagine how great it is in the summer!

SAM_0694Two of my best friends in college Erica and Emma joined us for the day as well, the visited me in Nashville a few weeks ago and it was so great to be able to see them again so soon!

SAM_0693and of course Twink and her brother! It was such a great day with good friends, good beer and good times! After the Standard my high school friends plus Emma and I went to Dos Caminos in Soho for dinner while Twink and her brother had dinner at the National and Erica went to an Ugly Sweater party! I love Dos Caminos it was always one of my favorite places and I haven’t been there since I graduated NYU!  I got the best fish tacos I have ever had… and now thinking about them I want some more…

After dinner, I headed back uptown to meet Twink and her bro to go see the Rockettes! I had never seen them before and I was not disappointed! This was such a great show and definitely added to the holiday spirit!

The next morning, Twink and I went to visit her brother’s school and then I left them to go meet Erica, Emma and my roommate/soulmate from college Nicole for bagels at Nicoles! She was unable to meet up with us on Saturday and I was so glad to get to see her.. and get Pick-A-Bagel because they are my favorite things ever.

SAM_0714It was definitely a jam packed weekend and I can’t wait till I get to go back! Needless to say I pretty much passed out as soon as I got home Sunday night and had adequate cuddles with the pup who was NOT happy that I left him… although Sarah spoils him pretty rotten!

Now I am off to see three clients and either christmas shop or take the pup to the dog park… I wonder which one will win haha


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!







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