I Believe!


Who else has World Cup Fever?! Not surprisingly I do!!! Growing up in London gave me some appreciation for soccer but it wasn’t until 2006 watching the Cup with the majority of my senior class- and it was one of the best experiences  I can remember!

So of course I arranged my clients around today to be able to watch the game with my friend Lauren at Jed’s bar near where I live! It was surprisingly crowded, I guess more people were able to get around working today too! We got there for the start of the game and had cold Coors and a deeelicious burger while watching the game! It was the sonoma burger with swiss cheese, guacamole, bacon and tomato. With sweet potato fries on the side! Unfortunately by the time we got our food my phone had died so sadly no pictures were to be taken!

I am bummed we lost but I am so excited and proud of our team for defying the odds and making it through past the “Group of Death”

So to further the USA-mania here are some videos to amp you guys up!

Will Ferrell crashing a soccer viewing party:


Tim Howard my favorite player:

This video because it gives me chills even though it was for today.. and we lost:


This Hype video:


Ok enjoy!!

Peace, Love, and be Sperry!







The New Plan

Hello all!

I hope this week has started off well for all of you! I am in break mode at the moment after having 3 clients this morning! Starting at 5 am is a lot easier when I know I have breakfast/morning nap time around 8am!

Today I wanted to start a new series of posts chronicling my new plan! For the past year, I have been in rehab mode, and then rebuild mode which turned into overtraining, and as I have hit my own plateau lately it was time to take a look around and do something different!

For those of you who know me/ have read this blog in the past- fitness is a huge a part of my life and I really try and make room for it every day. Last summer into last fall when I was only able to do certain exercises in PT, and thankfully cardio in the form of spinning I wasn’t able to train as intensely as I felt like I should be doing. I was eating relatively healthy and definitely wasn’t gaining weight but  I just felt it wasn’t enough. In January/February, I started really kicking my workouts up- I was finally feeling stronger and had gotten the clear to do plyo/running/ weights again. This turned into 2-3 hour workouts  a day. At first I was eating whatever I wanted, and then I started restricting a little more. Results appeared as of course they would with that kind of regimen but as I tell clients- it is unhealthy and unsustainable… it is also the gateway for an eating disorder. Once May hit bringing with it a wedding, Memorial Day and other events I slowed down on the working out easing back to only 1-2 hours a day but I was still being pretty restrictive food wise in order to continue achieving results. However I had reached a stalemate- no matter what I did I could not get to my final goal no matter what I did. Around this time, my boss for The MindBody Dr. and her husband moved back and started using STEPS ( the main gym I train at) for the base of their new business component- which is InBody body composition testing combined with a V02 max test. I was immediately intrigued after watching a few of them done, because it gives you a chance to really get to know the make up of your body and how to fuel and train more effectively and efficiently.

I was finally able to take the test last week and it has really changed the way I look at things! Tiffany and I sat down to look at my results and we realized right away that I was overtrained and my muscles weren’t getting enough nutrition! To this extent we adjusted my macros to fit my activity level and shrank down my workout time! I love the idea of this new plan because I am not focusing on calories or cutting anything out instead it is making sure I get enough of what my body needs! So this is how it looks now:

4-6 meals a day

42 g fat

170 g carbs

113 g protein

30-40 min of exercise a day which is broken into

2 days HIIT training

2 days strength

2 days steady state cardio

Today concluded week 1 and I am loving the way I am eating! I am eating and working out to build and keep lean muscle and it I can see the definition more than last week already! I weigh myself again on the InBody tomorrow so I will see if there have been any results made there. Honestly I don’t think there will be yet- I went a little HAM on the drinking this past weekend so we shall see! Each week on tuesday I will be checking in with you guys about how it is going! I am really excited about this!

My boss Tiffany is on the plan as well- Last week she blogged about her first 5 weeks and she is looking great! Check it out here!

You can also learn more about the The Macro Diet here

If you have any questions or are in the Nashville area and would like to get a test done let me know!!

Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



The Running Tale

Happy Friday!!

It is almost the weekend! If you get a weekend- I work Saturday mornings now so I get like one and a half days but considering I am able to have 1-2 pool hours a day during the week right now I am not complaining!

Yesterday was not only the 2 year anniversary of me living in Nashville, but the one year anniversary of breaking my leg…. in THREE places… and not realizing it for a month. Here is the story of why I don’t run as much any more and why if you think you hurt yourself you should get checked out right away… and not a month later!


So, last year I ran two half marathons within two months of each other without really training. The first one I was relatively well pre-pared for and was the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando. I ran with my dear blog friend Liz and two other girls!


It was a great weekend of new friends and running and Disney World, and reminded me why I love half marathons so much! So I got back into running a little bit after that but my schedule was crazy so I didn’t cut out the time for running like I used to. But when my friend wanted me to pace his first marathon by running the first half I decided to just do it- a week before the race. Now this race was amazing probably the best run I have ever had- despite the fact that it torrentially poured the entire race! I was totally back into running after this one! I was also playing kickball and beginning to train clients, which with one of my clients I would often do hill lunges and sprints with him for motivation. Basically I went from not a lot of running to A LOT of running and a lot of speed work with not a ton of cross training and basically no leg strength work… and I called myself a trainer….

In our last kickball game of the season,  I was the last kicker up and decided I HAD to make it to first… which led to the BEST dive/fall/slide in kickball history…. and I still got out wootwoot! Afterwards my knee and shin hurt but I attributed it to soreness and shin splints and did nothing… fast forward almost a month later and the pain has not gone away- thinking O tore something in my knee I went to an orthopedic doctor to get it checked out. X-Rays and an MRI later we discovered that I had 3 stress fractures in my right leg- effectively ending any thoughts of running or physical activity last summer… minus the pool.

As an athlete/compulsive excerciser this was a very difficult period for me. My best coping mechanism had been taken from me, and I had a boot and crutches during the summer in the South.. so not ideal! However I took it as easy as I could, hoping to speed up the recovery process. When my boot finally came off I was thrilled, and I could not wait to get back out on the pavement… until my Dr. stopped that plan right on its head, informing me it would be at least 3-4 months before I could run again depending on how my PT went. Oh I was mad, and not at all a fan of PT at first. However I am 100% percent sure now that it was the best thing that happened to me.

My career now is helping people train smart to see the results they want to achieve- however I was blatantly ignoring that myself. My PT taught me how important it was to build a strong base in my legs through hip/glute/thigh/calf exercises in order to avoid injury again and be able to train better and run stronger. He also told me I was not alone in my way of thinking that because I ran I didn’t need to spend more time strengthening my legs. A lot of people just run without the important strength cross training! That is why I wanted to share this with you more than any other reason! Some of you may read this and roll your eyes because you have known this forever- but for those who think like I used to- take at least one day a week to fit in your squats/lunges/ glute exercises! You will not regret it!

When I got the all clear to run again in November I was scared. I didn’t want to hurt myself again so I simply didn’t run. I felt a lot of shame over this fear because runners get injured and bounce back all the time- so what was wrong with me that I couldn’t? I realized I needed to give myself more time to mentally heal from my first major sports injury since I had allowed myself so much time to heal physically.Slowly I am getting back into it- in small 2-3 mile increments at a time- it can be frustrating as there is still that nagging fear in the back of my mind- but I am also feeling the joy of a great run again, and the blissful clear mental view I get during and after running! Hopefully I will be back in races by next spring at the latest, but with a strong running and strength training plan!

That was lengthy sorry guys!

Tell me about your injury stories and how you got back into doing what you love!

Peace, Love, and be Sperry!




2 Years

Hi y’all!

Hope this Thursday is treating you well! It is getting hot here in Nashville which means I need to be near a pool at all times not spent working!

I was going to start off my renewed posting with an intro to my new diet/workout plan until I remembered what day it was and wanted to take time to recognize that soooo diet and exercise writing starts tomorrow!

Two years ago today- I moved to Nashville! As anyone who read this blog back then will know- I left one week after graduating from grad school and kind of did it on a whim. I had a prospect of at least a volunteer position, and had already found roommates and had a few friends that lived down here but other than that it was just me taking a huge jump out of my comfort zone and into the unknown!


That has epitomized the last two years here in  Nashville. Never have I been so pushed to redefine where I am comfortable, where do I belong, and most importantly what do I NEED out of this city and the life I am trying to build here. For a long time I thought I needed things or people that in the long wrong weren’t as healthy for my growth both personally and professionally. I got comfortable until I realized sticking with what I knew I was good at (nannying) wasn’t a career path for me and wasn’t making me happy. So like in my jump to move here I jumped again- I quit my job and became a personal trainer (I got certified before I quit). Finding this career in health and wellness in a city that is rapidly growing its wellness industry has been a dream come true. It has been eye opening, challenging and more rewarding than anything I have done other than practice sport psychology. And without being where I was last year, even if it wasn’t the greatest situation, it was exactly what I need to find my path again.

Again this year I got comfortable, this time in a relationship. To date the best I have been in, but there was a point when we both stopped growing together. However hard it was, once again I saw that it was time- everything else in my life was pointing me in a new direction towards a great new house and roommate, friends and training opportunities that I knew it was time to leap. Leap from my comfort zone and let both of us become the people we need to become alone.

The moral of this brief description of the last two years is this: My first two years in Nashville have tested me more than any other place (maybe because I am not in school any more)  but I have become stronger and more self aware than ever, and been able to truly start to become myself. I would not trade this city or any part of my life here for the world and I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for me!

Thank you for listening today!

peace, love and be sperry!



A Long Time Coming

Hello Friends!!!

It has been so so long since we last chatted! My abscence over the last year and a half has been something I have gone back and forth on. Every time I went to post- nothing came out- I simply could not type a word of what was going on.

The last two years have taught me more about myself than I ever though possible. I have been tested both in my  work and personal life and have finally come out of it smiling. When I was in the worst of what was going on, even though I wanted to blog and to share- I simply couldn’t! However, I am back in the blogging game now- armed with way more recipes, fitness tips and of course stories from the life of Megan. I hope you can forgive my absence and accept this blog back in your hearts! 

SOOO quick catch up on where I am now:

1. Still living in Nashville and loving it! 

2. Now a personal trainer/spin instructor 

3. still have in my opinion the cutest pup around! (plenty of pictures will be posted dont you worry)

4. Actively searching for the peace and love I crave for myself in the form of self-growth and acceptance

5. Starting a sweet new diet/exercise plan which will be shared on the blog weekly as I progress through it

6. Trying to find my way back to running (more on that later)

7. Cooking up a storm- this past year I attempted so many Pinterest recipes I surprised myself!

8. Still practicing Sport and Performance Psychology through The MindBody Dr. as a performance coach!

SO thats a brief intro to what is going on over here but don’t worry I will delve way more into everything as time rolls along!

I hope this finds everyone well!