A Long Time Coming

Hello Friends!!!

It has been so so long since we last chatted! My abscence over the last year and a half has been something I have gone back and forth on. Every time I went to post- nothing came out- I simply could not type a word of what was going on.

The last two years have taught me more about myself than I ever though possible. I have been tested both in my  work and personal life and have finally come out of it smiling. When I was in the worst of what was going on, even though I wanted to blog and to share- I simply couldn’t! However, I am back in the blogging game now- armed with way more recipes, fitness tips and of course stories from the life of Megan. I hope you can forgive my absence and accept this blog back in your hearts! 

SOOO quick catch up on where I am now:

1. Still living in Nashville and loving it! 

2. Now a personal trainer/spin instructor 

3. still have in my opinion the cutest pup around! (plenty of pictures will be posted dont you worry)

4. Actively searching for the peace and love I crave for myself in the form of self-growth and acceptance

5. Starting a sweet new diet/exercise plan which will be shared on the blog weekly as I progress through it

6. Trying to find my way back to running (more on that later)

7. Cooking up a storm- this past year I attempted so many Pinterest recipes I surprised myself!

8. Still practicing Sport and Performance Psychology through The MindBody Dr. as a performance coach!

SO thats a brief intro to what is going on over here but don’t worry I will delve way more into everything as time rolls along!

I hope this finds everyone well!


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