2 Years

Hi y’all!

Hope this Thursday is treating you well! It is getting hot here in Nashville which means I need to be near a pool at all times not spent working!

I was going to start off my renewed posting with an intro to my new diet/workout plan until I remembered what day it was and wanted to take time to recognize that soooo diet and exercise writing starts tomorrow!

Two years ago today- I moved to Nashville! As anyone who read this blog back then will know- I left one week after graduating from grad school and kind of did it on a whim. I had a prospect of at least a volunteer position, and had already found roommates and had a few friends that lived down here but other than that it was just me taking a huge jump out of my comfort zone and into the unknown!


That has epitomized the last two years here in  Nashville. Never have I been so pushed to redefine where I am comfortable, where do I belong, and most importantly what do I NEED out of this city and the life I am trying to build here. For a long time I thought I needed things or people that in the long wrong weren’t as healthy for my growth both personally and professionally. I got comfortable until I realized sticking with what I knew I was good at (nannying) wasn’t a career path for me and wasn’t making me happy. So like in my jump to move here I jumped again- I quit my job and became a personal trainer (I got certified before I quit). Finding this career in health and wellness in a city that is rapidly growing its wellness industry has been a dream come true. It has been eye opening, challenging and more rewarding than anything I have done other than practice sport psychology. And without being where I was last year, even if it wasn’t the greatest situation, it was exactly what I need to find my path again.

Again this year I got comfortable, this time in a relationship. To date the best I have been in, but there was a point when we both stopped growing together. However hard it was, once again I saw that it was time- everything else in my life was pointing me in a new direction towards a great new house and roommate, friends and training opportunities that I knew it was time to leap. Leap from my comfort zone and let both of us become the people we need to become alone.

The moral of this brief description of the last two years is this: My first two years in Nashville have tested me more than any other place (maybe because I am not in school any more)  but I have become stronger and more self aware than ever, and been able to truly start to become myself. I would not trade this city or any part of my life here for the world and I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for me!

Thank you for listening today!

peace, love and be sperry!




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