Week 2 recap and Update


Hello all!

Sorry in the lack of posts! Its been busy around here, and sleepy… so sleepy!

Today marks the beginning of week 3 of my Macro eating and changed workout plan! So as a recap I will go over my week 2 with you!

Overall Body weight: 122.6 so basically the same weight scale wise which I am happy with!

Muscle: 56.1 lbs (week one was 51.1 lbs!)

Fat: 20.9 lbs (week one was 28.9)

I also gained like 3 water lbs but thats all right with me!

I can see a small amount of definition already which is awesome, and I am feeling pretty good about my numbers!

My workouts for the week went as followed:

Monday- TRX Legsanity workout with Stair runs after each set… this was a crazy work-out I found on Pinterest and modified! I will post it later!

Tuesday- 40 min spin

Wed: 35 min full body strength day

I did 3 sets of Leg press, Glute press, leg extension, and leg curl to hit my legs and then 3 sets of shoulder press, chest press, bicep curls, Tricep dips and pull ups to target my upper body! I finished with 3 sets of 10 decline abs

Thursday: 30 minute HIIT

Friday: 40 minute spin

Saturday: same workout as Wed

Sunday: rest day!

I am loving the shorter 30-40 min workouts each day! I feel like I am really amping it up and doing the most I can in a shorter amount of time!

Food has been good as well, I am doing a good job of hitting my macros each day and am really starting to pay more attention to what goes in my body! I have some fun recipes to come your way! Lots of new smoothies!

Now to take little snugs on a walk during my break!

Peace, Love, and be Sperry!




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