Falling off the wagon

Hello Hello!!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! I feel like I am slowly recovering from mine! Before I share all of that with yall let me go with the recap of last week on the Plan!

Soooo last week wasn’t a great weigh in. I gained 4 lbs… 3 of fat, 1 of water… for someone who  had lost 8lbs of fat in her first week this wasn’t ideal.

However, this summer I have been back in social mode which means drinking a decent amount… more alcohol means lots of empty calories and  a little weight gained. But I have been having a phenomenal summer so honestly I am ok with it.

My stats were:

126.1 overall weight

56.1 muscle mass

23.1 fat

sooo not great but it was the day after the USA lost in the World Cup so I took that one with a grain of salt. I made my work outs awesome and ate really well until Friday when I allowed a holiday break!

I have learned a lot about eating during this plan so far. The fact that it is macros based and not super strict on what I am eating is teaching me how to give myself freedom in my food choices. Tonight I had two slices of pizza for dinner and did not freak out about it all.. I was really smart during the day knowing what my dinner plans were so it worked out great. I gave myself this weekend to meet my macros but do it with foods I may not normally eat because I was at someone else’s house and I didn’t WANT to worry- I just wanted to be at peace with my body.

This week I weighed in this morning and I have lost one lb of overall weight as well as 1 lb of fat- I may not be ideally where I want to be yet but this is just starting week 4. Holiday is over, and I am holding myself more accountable for my results.

Moral of this story is that things happen when you are trying to reach a goal and instead of beating yourself up, take a deep breath and acknowledge all of the factors as well as all the things you ARE doing right. That is all that matters in the end!

So yup thats my Tuesday rant for ya!!!

Peace, Love, and be Sperry!




I Believe!


Who else has World Cup Fever?! Not surprisingly I do!!! Growing up in London gave me some appreciation for soccer but it wasn’t until 2006 watching the Cup with the majority of my senior class- and it was one of the best experiences  I can remember!

So of course I arranged my clients around today to be able to watch the game with my friend Lauren at Jed’s bar near where I live! It was surprisingly crowded, I guess more people were able to get around working today too! We got there for the start of the game and had cold Coors and a deeelicious burger while watching the game! It was the sonoma burger with swiss cheese, guacamole, bacon and tomato. With sweet potato fries on the side! Unfortunately by the time we got our food my phone had died so sadly no pictures were to be taken!

I am bummed we lost but I am so excited and proud of our team for defying the odds and making it through past the “Group of Death”

So to further the USA-mania here are some videos to amp you guys up!

Will Ferrell crashing a soccer viewing party:


Tim Howard my favorite player:

This video because it gives me chills even though it was for today.. and we lost:


This Hype video:


Ok enjoy!!

Peace, Love, and be Sperry!