What I Ate Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!!!

This is my first WIAW!! I am so excited to join the party as I always love reading about what other bloggers post and as a food blog I have yet to really post about the food I am eating!!


 Breakfast:Yesterday my big breakfast came first at 7:30 am after my 4th weigh in! Normally I have a small protein/carb snack at 5am on my way to my first client but no eating before weigh-ins so I was staaarrrving! Lucky for me I have the best roommate who was making an egg scramble with some of the leftover taco chicken we had made Sunday night!  The scramble was delicious- I added spinach and sauteed onions into mine and served it over a toasted corn tortilla from Trader Joes! Talk about a great way to start your day!IMG_0690Mid-morning snack:My midmorning snack was a small protein smoothie, with 1/4 c of almond milk, frozen strawberries, spinach,  and a scoop of Publix greenwise vanilla protein powder which is my new favorite protein powder!IMG_0560Lunch:I had a midmorning client and some errands to run so by the time lunch rolled around I was ready to eat! I cooked up some lean ground beef with onions, and then mixed in some quinoa and leftover zucchini! I topped it all with 1/5 of an avocado! YUM! This was so filling and delicious and kept me going through he stuff I needed to do at home and a nice pool filled afternoon before my afternoon client!IMG_0692Afternoon snack:By the pool I had a nectarine (Abby and I are loving the TJs nectarine boxes right now) and 2 protein balls that I had made earlier with one scoop of chocolate protein powder, one scoop of vanilla protein powder, dates and pb! However these went un-pictured because they look gross and I forgot hahaha.Dinner:Last night for dinner Abby and I met my friend Heather for 2-1 pizza and beer at Mafioza’s which is a phenomenal pizza place near us in the 12 South area!! Any time 2-1s involve both pizza and beer means a good night for me! Sadly these also went without a photo as I was too busy stuffing my face to take a picture! I choose a slice with pesto, italian sausage, and plum tomatoes…. OMG so amazing! If you live in Nashville take advantage of Tuesdays there!Desert:Somehow, I still had macros left so desert was a bowl of Vanilla Chobani withVanilla Chex and Chocolate chips!IMG_0541It was a good food day had by all! Now I am off to a marathon client afternoon!! woohoo! Have a great Wednesday yall!Peace, Love, and be Sperry!xxooMegan


Falling off the wagon

Hello Hello!!

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! I feel like I am slowly recovering from mine! Before I share all of that with yall let me go with the recap of last week on the Plan!

Soooo last week wasn’t a great weigh in. I gained 4 lbs… 3 of fat, 1 of water… for someone who  had lost 8lbs of fat in her first week this wasn’t ideal.

However, this summer I have been back in social mode which means drinking a decent amount… more alcohol means lots of empty calories and  a little weight gained. But I have been having a phenomenal summer so honestly I am ok with it.

My stats were:

126.1 overall weight

56.1 muscle mass

23.1 fat

sooo not great but it was the day after the USA lost in the World Cup so I took that one with a grain of salt. I made my work outs awesome and ate really well until Friday when I allowed a holiday break!

I have learned a lot about eating during this plan so far. The fact that it is macros based and not super strict on what I am eating is teaching me how to give myself freedom in my food choices. Tonight I had two slices of pizza for dinner and did not freak out about it all.. I was really smart during the day knowing what my dinner plans were so it worked out great. I gave myself this weekend to meet my macros but do it with foods I may not normally eat because I was at someone else’s house and I didn’t WANT to worry- I just wanted to be at peace with my body.

This week I weighed in this morning and I have lost one lb of overall weight as well as 1 lb of fat- I may not be ideally where I want to be yet but this is just starting week 4. Holiday is over, and I am holding myself more accountable for my results.

Moral of this story is that things happen when you are trying to reach a goal and instead of beating yourself up, take a deep breath and acknowledge all of the factors as well as all the things you ARE doing right. That is all that matters in the end!

So yup thats my Tuesday rant for ya!!!

Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



A Long Time Coming

Hello Friends!!!

It has been so so long since we last chatted! My abscence over the last year and a half has been something I have gone back and forth on. Every time I went to post- nothing came out- I simply could not type a word of what was going on.

The last two years have taught me more about myself than I ever though possible. I have been tested both in my  work and personal life and have finally come out of it smiling. When I was in the worst of what was going on, even though I wanted to blog and to share- I simply couldn’t! However, I am back in the blogging game now- armed with way more recipes, fitness tips and of course stories from the life of Megan. I hope you can forgive my absence and accept this blog back in your hearts! 

SOOO quick catch up on where I am now:

1. Still living in Nashville and loving it! 

2. Now a personal trainer/spin instructor 

3. still have in my opinion the cutest pup around! (plenty of pictures will be posted dont you worry)

4. Actively searching for the peace and love I crave for myself in the form of self-growth and acceptance

5. Starting a sweet new diet/exercise plan which will be shared on the blog weekly as I progress through it

6. Trying to find my way back to running (more on that later)

7. Cooking up a storm- this past year I attempted so many Pinterest recipes I surprised myself!

8. Still practicing Sport and Performance Psychology through The MindBody Dr. as a performance coach!

SO thats a brief intro to what is going on over here but don’t worry I will delve way more into everything as time rolls along!

I hope this finds everyone well!

Greetings from Heaven

I am at the First Class Lounger currently watching Tandem Diving in the Olympics (um how is this even possible/ probably the hardest thing ever).

I have decided I want to live in the First class lounge… or ya know be supa wealthy so I can always travel this way. One- free open bar… not that I am really taking advantage of it but it was nice to have a cup of Pimms and a glass of wine with dinner! TV showing the Olympics- check, especially when the audience in the lunge is quiet and respectful and so we can watch in peace. Plus the food…. OMG the food



I don’t remember ever having lounge food this good. We travelled business class several times in high school and maybe we just never ate dinner because OMG… this is incredible… so I felt I owed it to all of you to share the incredible tastes that I just enjoyed!

Usually when you think of airport food you think of chains, or expensive snacks that cost more than you want/need to spend but you are s hungry and its an overnight flight so you need dinner. O’Hare International especially is definitely NOT known for it’s food court… McDonalds, a hot dog place and several other fast food chains do not equal health or anything I want sitting in my stomach on an airplane for 7 hours… thanks but no thanks! The exception to this rule is Midway airport where they have a potbelly aka my favorite sandwich

So when I got upgraded thanks to my parents miles, I was overjoyed to reap the benefits of a business class ticket (especially after going on the smallest plane ever from Nashville to Chicago). The dinner options include multiple salad options, such as green salad, arugala salad and more, grilled veggie salad, cannelini bean salad ( i had ends of this SO GOOD) fresh cukes, tomatoes and more, green beans, smashed yukon potatoes, lemon herb chicken, cajun braised beef, wild rice pilaf, crispy salmon, and A MAKE YOUR OWN DUMPLING BAR… um WHAT?? I didn’t take advantage of this… but omg I kind of wish I left room on my plate/stomach because the idea alone is amazing!

Here is my plate of delicious gourmet goodness



Needless to say.. traveling will never be the same!

Ok off to enjoy Swimming!!!! See you Tomorrow from London (for Realz this time!)


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Weekend in Nashville!

Howdy! After this post I will be all caught up and actually start doing real posts again.. maybe I will even start cooking again and post REAL recipes… hmm lets not get too ahead of ourselves shall we?

Also exciting news…. MASTERS PROJECT HAS BEEN SUBMITTED!!! In the words of Sheldon Cooper

Anywho this weekend I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with several new and old favorite people in NASHVILLE! Why Nashville you ask? Well my friend Whitt lives in Nashville so I went to visit him as well as my friend Dave from HS and my friend Kristen who I have known since I was 6! My friends Bryan and Marvin from HS came too, as well as two of Whitt and Bryan’s friends from college Jack and Marni (who is my new bffl)! Needless to say it was super fun, kind of a disaster, and the best weekend!

Foodie highlights included Local Taco in West Nashville (OMG.. coolest/best tacos ever) brunch at Fido’s, and of course the Surf and Turf Whitt and I made on thursday night… that was super delicious.. pan seared scallops, steak, asparagus, tomatoes, and yummy rosemary garlic bread!

Instead of highlighting each moment/activity I am just going to share pictures… fun facts tho…experienced a paint party/rave minus the paint as we were too late (hence the neon), went to a frat house for the first time since college, went to the prettiest park ever, and ran around getting people to kiss a toy armadillo… if that doesn’t say win… I don’t know what does

It was a fantastic weekend… a little obsessed with Nashville.. its so pretty and green and southern and awesome! However its like 90 here today and sunshiny so DENCO isn’t too bad of a place to be either!!!

now off to get ma sweat on… I have been lazy over my vacay….


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!


DiFebos Restaurant and Taper Food


OMG… At this time tomorrow… I will still be running…. and will have like 2.5 hours to go… sweet.awesome.yay! Can you tel I’m/nervous/excited/overwhelmed?

On the bright side- no more hip pain!!! Yayayayayay that is something very exciting!

And I am a spoiled rotten child because TWO friends from HS and a friend from College are coming to watch me run from NYC/State College, not to mention little one, my cousin, and potentially a few other friends!!! YAY! And I am running 12 miles with my momma which is even better!

So for those of you who have run halves or fills before, you know that taper time is the best and worst time! Right now I am feeling the worst as I have let the food guard down in anticipation for saturday and am one bloated carby girl right now. However I am reminding myself that when I am on mile 22 tomorrow and basically using everything in my body to keep running I will thank myself. Regardless I m pretty sure I won’t be eating bread, pita chips, or other seriously carb-y things for a wile.. my body needs to detox! I have been eating lots of veggies and proteins too but… way more carbs… and things I usually don’t eat like whit bread, chicken fingers, fries, deep dish pizza… yummy delicious things that also later make me feel like a balloon (I blame that more on having a boy visit last weekend tho, and spending inordinate amounts of time in bars watching NCAA Championship Week!) Regardless of this balloon like feeling, I feel strong and ready to go sooo I guess I am doing something right? It has also been nice to be able to let the guard down and not freak out about it… like I have been totally ok with it! Regardless next week back to clean clean clean eating!

Anyways last night PMull and I went to DiFebos which is a nice italian seafood restaurant near us at the beach! It was lady’s night so entrees were 50% off except for specials.. so of course we got the specials hahaha… but if you had seen them on the men you also would have ordered them immediately!

To start a glass of Pinot… we werent going to drink until after our races butttt couldn’t help ourselves! This was followed by a house salad for my mom, and a cesear salad for me! Plus warm whole wheat great topped with sea salt and butter… YUM

Then it was time for the main meal! I ordered Peach-Balsamic BBQ Grilled Mahi Mahi over Mashed Potatoes and Brussel Sprouts (OMG) This was to die for… the Mahi Mahi was grilled perfectly and the BBQ sauce was out of this world… omg I could eat this every day. My mom got Pesto Ravioli with Crab Meat and Asparagus…. and omg this too was amazing… Well done DiFebos.. Well done!

Following dinner we went home and watched the first night of MARCH MADNESS!!!! And the New Grey’s and Private Practice….OMG so intense.. and then the CU-UNLV game.. BUFFS WON!!!!!

ok off to DC!!!!! See ya from the Capitol (I just had a Hunger Games moment there… ONE WEEK!!!)


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

All I do is eat

SERIOUSLY… ITS ALL I AM DOING! Why the yelling? I dunno! Anywho tonight’s post will feature all of the food  Ihave consumed thus far at the beach…. so yummy! Loving my time iwth p and j mull… who I think are pretty afraid they have a crazy daughter.. apparently breaking into song, dancing in Harris Teeters, rambling nosense at all times… etc… plus my mom and I just sang and reenacted Oklahoma… she got very excited when I found the sing a long version on dvd in our cupboard… my dad however was not game for watching it… rude!

Any where here we go…





"why do you always have to make that face"


Bye Bye Paleo.....Turkey, Swiss, Tomatoes, Lettuce, Mustard.. yummm

heheheheh annoying evil elf in the kitchen... yea im 23...



yea had enough yet?? We’ve had homemade crabcakes, grilled chicken lots of delicious fresh corn, veggies and of course chips guac hummus and pita chips! And wine… lots of wine! I am really digging Barefoot Pinot Grigio!

Ok now off to watch Devil Wears Prada!!! Catch ya on the flip side homies

Favorite summer food? Mine definitely Crab Cakes and fresh Corn…. oh and Nectarines!!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!!!!


























Love, Love, Love

Oh hello there friends… miss me?

I missed you guys!!!! I know gone for so long but it doesn’t mean I love you readers… I really do! But Wednesday-Monday I didn’t really have internet! I could have blogged on my phone… but bleh I’m not a fan of that idea!

So to recap last week… road trip to South Carolina with my friend Shawn!!! This was a great two days, Shawn has become a really important part of my life this summer, and he was moving back to SC so it was good to spend a few more days with him!!!

We spent one afternoon/night in SC before heading back to ATL! While there, we went to dinner at a drive in Japanese restaurant! This was definitely a first, but it was really good! I had seared scallops with veggies and fried rice! If you are ever in Powdersville, SC go to Atamis it’s worth it!! For lunch we went to Zaxbys which is a chicken restaurant!! To me this was wayy better than Chik-fil-A or any other chicken restaurant I had been too! I had a grilled chicken salad and lemonade!! Can I tell you right now I really like southern food? Especially the emphasis on chicken… pretty sure I had a chicken salad every day!!  I also just love how nice everyone is, and the accents, and the prepiness.. and basically I may move there! Only the humidity is a MAJOR drawback!

Sooo the whole reason I was in ATL was for my friend Kathleen’s wedding!!!! Holy moly… this was a beautiful wedding! I am so lucky to be invited to two incredible weddings two weekends in a row!

My friends Colleen, Ian, Barry, Shawn and I were all staying at the JW Marriot in Buckhead! It was a ridiculous three night sleep over that was too hilarious, ridiculous, and filled with great times!

On Friday, we the dinner at Houston’s before heading out to celebrate the night before the wedding with Kathleen, Andrew and all of their friends! It was great to meet all the other people in Kat’s life and make new friends! Not to mention spend more quality time with my wonderful crew!!!

Saturday was wedding day!!!

Barry woke us all up early trying to get us out and about… before passing out an hour later, so Colleen, Ian and I went for a workout! Colleen chose the gym, while Ian and I decided to tackle the humidity and go for a four mile hill run! Whew.. seriously it was nice being at sea level…. but Hotlanta is no joke!!! Humidity+Hills= death… but it was a great time with Ian, I usually don’t run well with others but this really pushed me! After cooling off in the pool it was time to shower and grab lunch in the mall!! After lunch, Colleen and I hit up Sephora to get our makeup done! It was a day to pamper ourselves and that we did!

Finally it was wedding time!!! The ceremony was gorgeous, and I have never seen a more radiantly happy couple!!! Andrew and Kathleen are truly meant to be together, that couple that makes you believe in soulmates! They are loving to each other as well as all those in their lives, and their happiness and joy in life is infectious! Congrats you guys and thank you for including me!!!!

The reception was at their country club, and it was so gorgeous! They had a bunch of food choices such as crab claws, shrimp cocktail, grilled cheese station, southern specialties, grilles veggies, cheese, and much more! It was casual and yet incredibly ritzy at the same time, but a great comfortable atmosphere and a great party!!



The next morning, we went to a brunch at Kathleen’s house! It was beautiful and the food… OMG the food was out of this world!! Cheesy egg and veggie, and egg and sausage casseroles, cheesy grit casserole, fresh fruit, pastries, and mimosas/bloody marys! Her family was so gracious and it was great to get to know them!! Barry was obsessed with the grits… he went back for at least 10 helpings! It is my goal to recreate those casseroles!!! SO yummy!


This post is supa long so I will finish my trip tomorrow!!



What is your dream wedding?

Have you gone to any weddings this summer?

Peace, Love, and be Sperry!






It has begun…. too early… but it happened

what is that you ask? well I am a creature of habit, and there are things I do every summer, like eat wayy more fresh  fruit and veggies, reread Harry Potter, aaannndddd OC marathons!!!!!! Yes I rewatch the entire series of the OC….

This started summer before my senior year of college when I was living with my friends Brea and Nicole

I always forget about this show and how ridiculous it is! Seriously every episode is insane!!! It is only gonna be able to be watched at night…. AFTER my work is done! 11 more days of school!!!! YEA BUDDY!

Also… did anyone else watch the season finale of GG???? BAHHHHHHH one this Blair and Chuck saga is too much for me… and yet I was sad when she picked Louis!!! oh well…. this show always changes…

Ok its bed time.. I know thats it… you tell us about TV… isn’t this a FOOD blog? Well yes yes it is, but today I ate salad, leftover pizza, and for dinner? A smoothie and peanut butter on flat bread pita! yum yum yum… tommorow I promise I will have REAL food and a recipe for you guys… A STIR FRY recipe which is actually my favorite thing in the whole wide world!

Also…. after massage, hot tub, and Hot Power Fusion Yoga this morning…. very little soreness! BOO YAH half marathon… in yo face!

yea… I’m mature

Do you have tv shows you rewatch consistently?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Better times they are a-coming

Goodness I HOPE this quote that I saw while i was running in CENTRAL PARK yesterday! While my weekend in NYC was fantastic and made me fell loved beyond belief, being back here just makes me feel alone for some reason. (writing this while  in my room with the door closed listening to emo music hahaha) I dunno I’m just being silly but I am just ready for something new and fun to happen, something hat will give my life a tad more depth? Basically I need a hobby other than school/munchkin/consulting/working out obsessively. Any suggestions?

So back to that run….I had quite the ambitious work out yesterday.. NYC does this to me! I went spinning at SOULCycle.. my favortie spin studio, and then ran 5.5 miles in Central Park! It was wonderful, god I miss that place… SO FREAKING MUCH…. I want to go back.. now…

Can you tell I’m having withdrawal?

So after my run/spin on Monday, I had a wonderful time shopping with Nicole (besto) where we came up with my future private practice… RETAIL THERAPY… am I right or am I right? One I would be great at this because I am awesome at helping people shop (thank you shopping addiction) and also you always talk to your friends about issues when you are shopping so why not make therapy more fun by doing it while shopping? Ok confidentiality MIGHT be an issue.. but hey I’m still working out the kinks… yes this from the Sports Psychology Consultant in training…. oops.

aaaand thennn we went to my favorite lunch place… Grey Dogs! If you live near NYU or Chelsea… GO NOW… it’s sooo goood! Sandwiches, burgers, breakfast, coffee, cool slightly hipster environment! AFter that we said goodbye.. tear, and I met my friend Lauren from HS for a Starbucks date! This was a back from college tradition with us until she moved to Houston this summer! It was so nice to catch up with her! We were both in NYC for our friend Lyndsey’s 23rd birthday Booze Cruise!

me and the birthday girl!!!

high school reunion! Lauren, Mark, and Me!

me and my friend Cara… on a boat!!!!

yes that is me… rapping I’m on a Boat… I know EVERY word… sad? possibly

After the cruise ended we met up with Nicole and her BF Will at my favorite bar in NYC, Brother Jimmys!

Best part of Bro J’s? The fishbowls! Athough they leave you with a serious sugar crash the next morning.. not much alcohol….. A LOT of fugar

Oh man I am the definition of a winner… do you know how many of these pictures I have? Like 800…. its ridiculous

Nicole and Will!!! soooo purdy

yea… winning… but look at all the cool straws!

Ahhh great night! It was the reason I wnet up, and it was definitely a TOP night! (anyone see that seen in Wedding Date where the cousin drunkenly yells that? no just me?)

On Sunday… brunch time!!! I’ve already described it so I will just share pics with you!

ahhhh so fun!!!! Thank you everyone for hosting me/ hanging out/ just being awesome!!!!
Now I’m back.. and it’s a little bit of a flat feeling… but oh well

On the bright side theres been a lot of good food today!

Wing Sauce Chicken Salad for lunch with homemade pita chips and guac!

And a very veggie pasta salad for dinner! I love pasta salad! It always reminds me of swim meets in middle school, because they would sell bomb pasta salad at the concession stands! I have been recreating it myself for sometime now and it s really easy!

Whole Wheat Fusili

Cucumbers (one whole cuke)

Peppers ( I used 1 orange one)

1 c slices grape tomatoes

Wishbone Light Italian dressing to taste!!

yumm so good! For a little extra protein I added some chicken sausage!!!

Ok off to do work.. bleh

Do you ever suffer post-trip blues?

What do your favorite foods remind you of?


Peace, Love and be Sperry!