The Running Tale

Happy Friday!!

It is almost the weekend! If you get a weekend- I work Saturday mornings now so I get like one and a half days but considering I am able to have 1-2 pool hours a day during the week right now I am not complaining!

Yesterday was not only the 2 year anniversary of me living in Nashville, but the one year anniversary of breaking my leg…. in THREE places… and not realizing it for a month. Here is the story of why I don’t run as much any more and why if you think you hurt yourself you should get checked out right away… and not a month later!


So, last year I ran two half marathons within two months of each other without really training. The first one I was relatively well pre-pared for and was the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando. I ran with my dear blog friend Liz and two other girls!


It was a great weekend of new friends and running and Disney World, and reminded me why I love half marathons so much! So I got back into running a little bit after that but my schedule was crazy so I didn’t cut out the time for running like I used to. But when my friend wanted me to pace his first marathon by running the first half I decided to just do it- a week before the race. Now this race was amazing probably the best run I have ever had- despite the fact that it torrentially poured the entire race! I was totally back into running after this one! I was also playing kickball and beginning to train clients, which with one of my clients I would often do hill lunges and sprints with him for motivation. Basically I went from not a lot of running to A LOT of running and a lot of speed work with not a ton of cross training and basically no leg strength work… and I called myself a trainer….

In our last kickball game of the season,  I was the last kicker up and decided I HAD to make it to first… which led to the BEST dive/fall/slide in kickball history…. and I still got out wootwoot! Afterwards my knee and shin hurt but I attributed it to soreness and shin splints and did nothing… fast forward almost a month later and the pain has not gone away- thinking O tore something in my knee I went to an orthopedic doctor to get it checked out. X-Rays and an MRI later we discovered that I had 3 stress fractures in my right leg- effectively ending any thoughts of running or physical activity last summer… minus the pool.

As an athlete/compulsive excerciser this was a very difficult period for me. My best coping mechanism had been taken from me, and I had a boot and crutches during the summer in the South.. so not ideal! However I took it as easy as I could, hoping to speed up the recovery process. When my boot finally came off I was thrilled, and I could not wait to get back out on the pavement… until my Dr. stopped that plan right on its head, informing me it would be at least 3-4 months before I could run again depending on how my PT went. Oh I was mad, and not at all a fan of PT at first. However I am 100% percent sure now that it was the best thing that happened to me.

My career now is helping people train smart to see the results they want to achieve- however I was blatantly ignoring that myself. My PT taught me how important it was to build a strong base in my legs through hip/glute/thigh/calf exercises in order to avoid injury again and be able to train better and run stronger. He also told me I was not alone in my way of thinking that because I ran I didn’t need to spend more time strengthening my legs. A lot of people just run without the important strength cross training! That is why I wanted to share this with you more than any other reason! Some of you may read this and roll your eyes because you have known this forever- but for those who think like I used to- take at least one day a week to fit in your squats/lunges/ glute exercises! You will not regret it!

When I got the all clear to run again in November I was scared. I didn’t want to hurt myself again so I simply didn’t run. I felt a lot of shame over this fear because runners get injured and bounce back all the time- so what was wrong with me that I couldn’t? I realized I needed to give myself more time to mentally heal from my first major sports injury since I had allowed myself so much time to heal physically.Slowly I am getting back into it- in small 2-3 mile increments at a time- it can be frustrating as there is still that nagging fear in the back of my mind- but I am also feeling the joy of a great run again, and the blissful clear mental view I get during and after running! Hopefully I will be back in races by next spring at the latest, but with a strong running and strength training plan!

That was lengthy sorry guys!

Tell me about your injury stories and how you got back into doing what you love!

Peace, Love, and be Sperry!





Farm Day!


This weekend we had the most beautiful Saturday, sunny 50s definitely what you want in January in order to forget that it is actually winter! To take full advantage of the beautiful weather my friend Alex and I took Yoda and his brothers dog, Murphy to meet some of our friends at a farm in Franklin Tn!

Since we werent going down to the farm until abouth 12:30, we had brunch at one of our favorite spots, Tavern! This was my first time getting brunch here, and so I followed Alex’s lead and got the Singapore Stir-fry! OMG this was awesome… and something I am definitely going to try and replicate at home!


IMG_5938IMG_5941Talk about the best way to tire your 8 month old puppy out! Our friend Eric has a dog Reagan and she and Yoda became best friends fast, chasing each other around the fields, and even attempting to intimidate cows…. considering Yoda weighs 13 lbs he was pretty successful… not





It was a great day of being outside and watching the dogs be ridiculous… and watching the boys cut down and move logs to make more room for the cows… I obviously helped…. by Instagraming pictures and playing with the dogs… its a rough job but someone had to do it!


IMG_5973Yoda passed out when we got home, leaving me feeling less guilty to leave him to watch my roommate Sarah play at a writers night and to meet up with Alex, Eric and their friend Meredith for a drink! The perfect low key Saturday! On Sunday I had a client, and then ran 10 miles to keep up with my 1/2 marathon training plan! I have two long runs left in this training and then its a week of taper and then off to Orlando!!!! So excited!!!

What fun things did ou do this weekend?!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!



Hills and running

Hello there!

So today I wanted to talk about whats been going on fitness wise lately! Way back in July which feels like a hundred years ago I signed up for the Disney Princess 1/2 marathon with Liz!! I kind of forgot about it for awhile and just wasn’t running a lot.. one because I started doing Fitmixer bootcamo and was more focused on those workouts, and two because I had no motivation to run! Then around November the running bug bit me again! Unfortunately with the craziness of my schedule I am only running 3 times a week with 2 short runs and a long run each week mixed in with round 2 of Fitmixer Bootcamp which started up again last week! I have also found an amazing spin class that I go to when I can which is Nashville’s version of Soul Cycle in NYC!

From anyone who read my blog the past two years especially my marathon recap- you know I HATE hills… with a passion. In Colorado I would hit a wall during hills and have to really focus on getting up them. Then when I ran my marathon and it was super hilly- I walked most of them and had a really hard time with it. So when I moved here and realized how hilly it would be when I started running again it kind of stressed me out! However lately all my long runs are pretty hilly because of the easiest route for me to run.. and I haven’t really had a problem at all! I have even started sprinting the hills towards the end of my runs which is typically when I get a burst of energy anyways! I love this new trend I am seeing in my running because it makes me feel so much stronger and able to conquer anything! I think a lot of it has to do with the training I have been doing with Fitmixer! The workouts have really helped to build my endurance and ability to push myself!

Not only have the hills been easy but considering between the months on March and November I ran maybe 5-6 times, my long runs have been great! On all of them I have been able to do negative splits, get faster with each run, and feel like I could keep going! I have stuck to my designated mileage though and instead focused on increasing speed if I have a lot of energy during a run! I really want to PR in this next half of mine and that would be anything under 2:07!

OK thats my running rant of the day!

What have you guys been doing for exercise?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Holy Sore Muscles and Waffle Hash browns!

Good Morning!!!

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have a fun weekend ahead of you! Many exciting things going on here! One- I got a job on Wednesday yay!!! No more funemployment… well I start on the 23rd… so one more week of it! Two I ran last night! Actually ran!!! yay! Ok so we ran about 3 miles, and then walked one mile but it was great! My roommate Nicole got me off the couch and onto the pavement for my first run since the marathon!

Before my night run, I dad an intense yoga session thanks to the Tara Stiles channel on my blu-ray! Needless to say I am sore today but it feels great! 

This morning for breakfast I made an easy peasy recipe I found on Pinterest! Waffle Hashbrowns!

This is so easy- All it is is freezer hash browns, a little bit of oil, salt and pepper and a waffle maker! 

Spread a little oil on the waffle maker and then layer the hash browns on the waffle maker, then top with pepper and salt and cook till crispy and brown!

I topped my waffle hash browns with a sunny side up egg for some extra protein and applesauce for some fruit as I finished all my fresh fruit yesterday!
ok off to get ready for a meeting!

How do you like your hash browns?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry! 


You win… You always do

Today’s theme is brought to you by Will Ferrell… and my obsession of him… your welcome

Kentucky…. you win… as this season you almost always did….

I will concede victory on this one… the Jay Hawks put up a good fight unfortunately their comeback was too little too late, and Kentucky won.. because lets face it those players are exceptional… especially A Davis… with the wicked unibrow… Yes, I watched the game… yelled at the TV a little bit, maybe shed a tear (not really but I wanted too), and watched a great great game…and then today I watched the news (aka Sports Center) and watched Lexington, Kentucky become the latest edition of Fans Get Wild… and riot and injure people with fires and gun shots….

You win alcohol, adrenaline and National Championship glory… you always do

or you cause wicked embarrassment for your school on national TV… ya know… you choose

Back to wet, slushy, and COLD DenCo….. remember two days ago when I bragged about the beautiful, warm, 80 degree weather we were having? Well apparently Mother Nature decided to pull an April Fool’s joke of her own

You win Mother Nature, you always do

Source: via Christine on Pinterest

So as many of you know I ran a Marathon 2 weeks ago… yea that happened… at least thats what the ‘Nam flashbacks tell me hahaha… jk… it was awesome ( if you can’t tell I am full of sassafras today)

Again… Marathon… you win… you always do

Since my marathon guess how many times I have ran? Any takers? Guesses, bets, thoughts?

Yes that would be a big fat ZERO

Right now I am being nice to my legs… they don’t want to run… running hurts right now… and I may have PTSD… not quite sure yet. (I kid)

So instead I am spinning like a mad woman 2-3 times a week, ellipticalling like a boss and doing weight circuits…. because finally I can! I have been in training mode for over a year now, first for my first two half-marathons, and then my marathon. There has been a few small breaks but basically I have been running on a schedule for a long time! Now I want to be untethered and free to do whatever work out I want for a bit… which means only running when I feel like it… which lately I just haven’t gotten there yet! Maybe I’ll take up ribbon dancing… I think I would excel at it….

Also I’m currently obsessed with Call Me Maybe…. I listen to it several times a day
You win catchy tune and lyrics… you always do

Source: via Lindsey on Pinterest

Now off to work on my master’s project

you win masters project…. you always do

What do you do post training?


Peace Love and be Sperry!

Wine Snob and Treadmills

Iam currently on my couch where I will probably remain for the rest of the day, unless I get the energy to go into the hot tub later.

Why am I such a slug muffin today? A combination of 18 miles, lack of sleep, and wine

Yesterday I ran 18 miles… ON THE TREADMILL….. gross… for those of you who are treadmill intolerant as I am you realize that 3 hours is literally the worst thing I could ever imagine…. and it makes me look up to Janae even more as she has run a marathon on a treadmill… never again… hopefully the weather decides to be nice to me for my next few runs, 14,20, 12 and 9…. because I really just cannot run inside anymore!

However on the bright side OMG I did 18 miles!!! hahahaaha it was weird because I didn’t get that omg wow I did that feeling after my run.. which I should have as it was more of an accomplishment inside since the tread is usually quite a struggle for me! But today I am definitely feeling the PDR bliss… and also body pain… apparently 18 miles takes a lot out on your body!!! Needless to say it has been a nappy knd of weekend… which makes me feel a little bad because I haven’t done as much work as I wanted to get done

Also I alluded to being crafty the other day but couldn’t post about it because it was a prezzie for Twinkle Toes and Collen!I painted wine glasses for them! Last night they had a wine tasting party for their new apartment!!! First I love their new apartment.. it is so grown up and cute… and second… we are not as grown up as their apartment… sad but true fact

The wine tasting was super fun… everyone brought wine or craft beer and we covered the labels so you did not know what was what! Then each person scored the wine and at the end we came up with a winner.. AND I WON! yay apparently I know my wine.. well I guess I tied with Twink hahaha but I don’t honestly remember why!

Today I was SORE… holy moly was I exhausted… Liza came home from a weekend up in the mountains and asked what I was going to bake for tomorrow… I hadn’t planned on baking.. to be honest I haven’t really been in the baking mood lately which is weird!

I decided to make Red Velvet Cake Balls… which were a little but of a caketastrophe… but they turned out ok.. they just look bad hahaha

For the recipe check out the Velveteen Baker!

Now I am off to watch the Grammys… looove it

Are you watching the Grammys?


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

One More Day

do do do.. oh hey thur

Im a space cadet today… mostly because dumdumdum I LEAVE TOMORROW!!!! CHYAAAA buddy… I haven’t left the great state of ColoRADO since September… and after my epic travel summer… this is not ok.. I am getting supasupasupa stir crazy

The agenda for this weekend?


I get in, spend the night there with B-dawg, his gf and our friend Collin from hs

Friday: NOLA!!!

Yes we are driving from Houston to NOLA and I am PUMPED.. I have never been to New Orleans before, and I did a project on Louisiana when I was in 4th grade and I was in love with the state after that.. why I didn’t apply to LSU or Tulane I still don’t understand

Saturday: NOLA pt 2

Yes TWO days there… so excited Liz.. get at me.. so pumped to have my first blogger meet up.. and I get to hang out with ANNE and CHRISTINE.. Bryan’s friends from Houston who became my bffs in Austin this summer!

Sunday: ATHENS

No not Greece, but Georgia for my interview!!!! I get in around 2:30, then have a student social and then will be watching the Super bowl solo 😦 if you live in the area and want to be my friend for the super bowl… hit me up hahaha

Monday: ATHENS

INTERVIEW DAY…. wootwootwoot wish me luck.. or give me good ideas for questions to ask hahahaha

Tuesday: DENCO

back to the real world… but I will only have 2 classes that week and they are fun/easy classes soooo it’ll be a good week!

I am so excited to be in the South and see friends and take a huge step towards my future! Also I am just in need of a vacation right now.. Denco is becoming stifling…. it may be because I am still waiting on 2 PhD programs and it is killing me.. like I want to punch something… but I should hear from Denver today.. and other silly stuff

On a happy note once again it is beautiful out so I can run outside again today! I have a four miler today yay… I am going to be that girl this weekend who attempts to run 12 miles in New Orleans… yea… lets see how this one goes

ok back to pretending to pay attention in this class


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

You would cry too

If it happened to you….
No this is not an emo woe is me post… This is an omg wth is my life/funny/gross running story that just happened to me
So I have a 2.5 hour break between babysitting and decide to get my 8 mile run in during this time…
So im running but realize I need a break so stop in the porta potty in cheeseman park
Side note here I am not a bathroom snob.. I lived in Africa for a month when I was 16… I recognize that sometimes you just gotta suck it up… That being said with regards to porta pottys I believe they should be kept clean and those who use them should be respectful
Soooo anyways I go to squat/hover whatever and decide to look around and inspect when I see that someone had an erm accident all over! Then I realized that my shirt that was kinda long GOT DRAGGED in it….. GROSS… So of course I delicately remove said shirt which sadly was one of my faves… And doused myself in purel just in cases
Of course I disposed of the shirt and finished my 8 miler in my sports bra…in January…it’s in the 50s but still… I def got looks…and cat calls….
My life is a joke…sorry if this story is a little TMI for you but I had to share hahaha
On the bright side yay I’m done 8 miles and it felt sooo good!
Now I am in target finishing errands before babysitting part 26995216903532 of the day! I’ll be back later with a recap of this months foodie pen pals! (pics arent on my phone :/)
Hope you all are having a good Tuesday!
Peace love and be Sperry!



I am a BAD ASS (sorry for swearing?) at least today I am feeling good.. because guess what? Today I became a runner! This morning instead of the usual ugh its 6 alread? ehh Ill sleep in and run later.. oh its later and I have no time? oops routine… for the 2nd week in a row I was able to get up, fuel, and run early early early in the morning! And I accomplished another PDR…and I didn’t even think for the first 6 miles they FLEW by…. yes it was a tad slow but it was also 20 degrees out and it hurt just a tad to breathe hahaha

Now I have a week off from heavy mileage with my longest run this week at 10 miles, and then two more long runs coming up at 18 and 20… weirdest thing? I am actually excited… I look forward to my long runs because of the way I feel afterwards, a mix of wanting to cry and also wanting to dance

Today I knew it was gonna be a cold one so I dressed warm! I went bright this morning with a neon green shirt I got for christmas from my mom! It is fleecy in the inside suit is perfect on days like today! I also wore mmy fabulous Wunder Under pants from Lulu and my Nike Pro Combat over shirt with gloves!

Yea.. Im so attractive at 6 am! After my run I refueled with chocolate milk, and went to get my extensions put back in! Yay pretty long hair again! It is also darker than it has been in a LONG time.. remember how blonde I was last year?

yea I was blonde for a long time… and now still bits of blonde but much darker!

I have been a hungry hippo all day! For lunch I had grilled cheese with pesto, baked Buffalo chicken wings and an apple! While I was at the swim meet today I snacked on fresh fruit and as soon as I got home I had a bowl of Chobani with some Pumpkin Flax Granola!

Now I am off to finish getting ready and then go meet Kat and Andrew and co for Mexican… YUM!!! Sounds so good right now!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!

Lions will be Lions: Zengo Asian-Latin Fusion

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! And happy 21st Bday Molly!!!

Ok now that we have covered that… back to our scheduled programming!

Last night I went to dinner with ConCon in order to a review a restaurant for his blog!!! We went to Zengo which is an Asian-Latin fusion restaurant! I LOVE Latin Asian fusion, Asia de Cuba and Sushi Samba in NYC are two of my favorite restaurants of all time! So I was really excited when Con asked if I wanted to go there! I was also pumped to finally get to go on a review trip with him as I love the way he writes about restaurants!

We started off with cocktails, Sake Sakura for me and the El Diablo Marg for him! I actually liked his better as it was a mango marg with a chile infused tequila! I am not the biggest fan of Sake however mine was good just very strong! In addition to our cocktails we started with the BEST edamame I have ever had.. we were both floored by this XO edamame which is cooked with bacon, scallops, and soy sauce with other seasonings thrown in…. OMG… like there aren’t words to explain how amazing this dish was… it is worth going to Zengo simply for their cocktails and edamame if nothing else.

We decided to go on a “food tour” of Zengo and decided on a few small plates to share! We decided on the Won Ton Tacos with Ahi Tuna, the Volcano roll which is crab topped with salmon, and the shrimp potstickers… YUM each of these dishes were packed with flavor  and were the perfect size (for me at least having snacked before dinner.. 8:30 was late for me!)

The mains are a bit pricey so I would definitely recommend what Connor and I did which was to share a few of the small plates as well as edamame! This made it easier to enjoy a cocktail! It is a great place for a snack and a cocktail after work or pre-going out down town!

It was a great night with Con as usual full of laughter and ridiculously as the two of us found a new saying that I am sure we will use to death (One Song and One Song Only has become old we have decided) and that is Lions will be Lions, no one knows what it means but it feels good.

Before my culinary adventure with Con, I went for a quick three mile run and 20 minute weight sesh! I ran outside and got to run in a tank top and shorts… IN JANUARY… I was in heaven! Too bad it snowed this morning.. crazy weather!

excuse the splotchiness

Ok now I am off to nanny and then go to  a swim meet!


Peace, Love, and be Sperry!